Time is flying and we are nearing New Year 2016. For all of us New Year brings lots of hopes, new resolutions and opportunities in our lives. You need to be alert to grab all of them and make most out of it. And if you are ready for it every day nothing can stop you from achieving them. 

Pre-planning your day will surely help you to be on track and you will stop feeling guilty about not being productive ever. So today I’m sharing Daily Planner/ Daily Docket printable pages with you. Also I'm offering an additional free printable, Monthly Checklist, to track your monthly tasks.

Many of us find week at a glance more comfortable to be productive. Also many of us feel productive with more detailed plan on daily basis. If you are one this lot here are the simple Daily Planner/ Daily Docket for you. Of course it is free to download for your personal use!

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At-a-Glance WEEKLY PLANNER + TO-DO LIST : Free Printable

As I'm making more and more New Year’s printables, I'm getting more and more excited about New Year plans. And now that we have a free 2016 Calendar Printable (yearly and monthly) ready, let's move ahead with a weekly planner printable. Along with this free Weekly Planner, also get a separate, multipurpose To-Do list page!

I mentioned in the post “New Age Method of Goal Setting and Achieving Them” that execution is key to achieving any goal. For that, you can break your goals into small everyday actions and schedule them on a weekly basis. Planning your tasks a week ahead make you feel as though they are more under control. You start being more productive and controlled. This will finally take you towards completion of your goals into the New Year!



“Insanity Is Doing Same Thing Over And Over Again And Expecting Different Results."   - Albert Einstein
We are rapidly leaving this year and nearing the new year 2016 2017. The first thing that comes to my mind when I see "New Year" is Resolutions and Goals. I try them on and off. But lately, I have become quite serious about setting goals and achieving them. Some people do this religiously every year. You may have also had a list of resolution for every new yearBut what happens next, we unknowingly forget about them as the month of January (or sometimes February) slips. And you don't want to continue it this year too! So that's why YOU are here to learn a way to approach the fresh list of resolutions and goals.

So why these new year resolutions slip out of mind in few weeks? I asked that question to myself and found that I was using the age-old methods of goal settings, skipping that as the time changes so the ways of getting things done should! We all need to TRANSFORM the process of making resolutions and IMPROVE the ways to get them done. 

I learned few new method from different sources* and finally figured out a way that suits me best. And I'm really confident that this method will also help you too! Because this improvised method is simple and practical, following new modern insights. And to get more out this method, I have made complementary planning printable. They are FREE for personal use. So let's go and find How To Make This Year Your Best Year Yet!

Get your full set of Goal Setting and Achieving FREE printable at the bottom of this post.

Also, check out 2016 Calendar Printable

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Creative and Easy GIFT BAG Idea : Photo Tutorial

So you find gift wrapping tough job? Hmm...there are so many like you, including me. But there is always an alternative way to do anything, right? So does the packing a gift. Yes, a Gift Bag! But when you go out and buy those pretty gift bags you always think to yourself, "It is so costly! I can make my own spending less money." That is so true dear and that is exactly why today I brought a simple yet creative gift bag style.

It is easy to make and has minimal materials. I like to call it a Gift Box Bag! It looks like a box (some what like a carton box) but has a handle to carry. And as I always promise the DIY is - Low on money and time, High on looks! 

Let's begin the step by step tutorial to make a Gift Box Bag...

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2016 Yearly and Monthly Calendar : FREE Printables

Hello my dear friends, have you thought about the goals to achieve for 2016. I am on my way to writing it. I always like to have a new year calendar by my side while setting goals for new year. And this year also it is same. I have recently made a simple looking calendar for 2016. Since now-a-days I'm more in minimal and clean looking designs, the calendar got designed similarly :) And the good thing about this design is that it is low on printer ink! Isn't that great?


Yes! you guessed it right I'm sharing the printable calendar for FREE with you! :) And you will find more and more free printables coming this December.


Hello all, December has just began - A Beginning to End the year 2015. I have already started thinking what I want to do in 2016, so that it will be my BEST year yet. One thing that I will have is a PLANNER with PRINTABLE made by me. And without any delay I will share all these printables with you - of course for FREE! You know me how much I love you! :) 

The very first one is a Birthday - Anniversary Calendar. Dedicated to my best friends who every year forget birthday dates of their besties (me!).

Birthday Anniversary calendar free printable Pinterest


Hello all, few days back my little niece was asking me about Christmas tree. After whole explanation and answering her questions in detail she wanted to make a small Christmas tree for this Christmas. And I had to decide on simple Christmas tree craft, a 3 year old can make. After going around Pinterest for some inspiration I finally had five super easy Paper Christmas Tree crafts.

MINI CHRISTMAS TREE CRAFT for Kids | My Indian Version

I wanted to share these artificial Christmas tree craft with you for your little ones. So they keep busy (at least for sometime) and enjoy Christmas decor with the family. These are Mini trees easy to make with some common available materials at home. Any kiddo can make them with some little help. Trust me! Scroll down for the list, pin the list and enjoy with your kids! ;)

DIY Easy POP UP Card : Photo Tutorial

Hello all, today I want to share with you my childhood memories. Those days I loved making different greeting cards for different occasions. It was such a satisfying feeling to make handmade birthday cards with impressive birthday wishes for family and friends. And if someone presented me a handmade birthday card I use to so so happy. And if the card would be a POP UP card, I would be happy with no bounds.

DIY Easy POP UP Card : Photo Tutorial
DIY Easy POP UP Card : Photo Tutorial

My love for pop-up cards is sill there. I never made any of them thinking they are hard to make and not my cup of tea. But last week I was so inspired by all those Thanksgiving Thank You cards that I decided to make a greeting card. So why not a pop up card ha! Cool idea! And went ahead and made my first ever POP UP CARD.

15 AWESOME Gratitude Filled THANKSGIVING DAY Ideas

Hello all, Thanksgiving day is just few days away and EVERYONE is excited about it. Everyone is busy in making special decor for this Thanksgiving, learning traditional recipes, buying gifts and wrapping them. So much to do! And by any means you are struggling to get some easy but awesome ideas for this Thanksgiving you are at right place.

Below I'm sharing some creative ideas especially for Thanksgiving day. As I always promise, these DIY are :

  • Easy-to-make
  • Cost-effective and
  • Fun time assured

15 AWESOME Gratitude Filled THANKSGIVING DAY Ideas
15 AWESOME Gratitude Filled THANKSGIVING DAY Ideas

DIWALI Festival Decorations At MY HOME

Diwali Decoration at My Home
Diwali Decoration at My Home

Hello all, Diwali greeting to all of you. Today is the last day of Diwali festival and almost end of Festival Season in India. Diwali brings colors, lights, gifts, great food, decoration and wonderful family time. I experienced all these moments this Diwali. And today I'm sharing with you one of these moments, Diwali decor at my home.

Here is how me and my family decorated our 'Home Sweet Home' this Diwali.


DIY Kundan Rangoli - Diwali Series(part 3)
DIY Kundan Rangoli - Diwali Series (part 3)

Hello all, wish you a very Happy Diwali! We are almost there for the Big Diwali day. And I'm so excited about it. My most favorite part during Diwali is drawing rangolis (designed pattern filled with color powders).

I was first introduced to Rangoli by my Grandmother and since then I love drawing rangoli in traditional way (using white and color powders). But as there are always innovation that comes in every craft, rangoli do have its own. Kundan Rangoli, Artificial flower rangoli, Stencil rangoli and many more(I will talk about them in other posts) are some to mention.

DIWALI SERIES (Part 2) : Wine Glass - Diya Centerpiece

DIWALI SERIES (Part 2) : Wine Glass Diya Centerpiece
DIWALI SERIES (Part 2) : Wine Glass Diya Centerpiece

Hello all, Diwali is round the corner to bring joy, lights, family time and yummy food..!! ;) You must have started cleaning and decorating your sweet home. And I'm going to help you in decorating your beautiful house this Diwali.

Today is second post of DIWALI SERIES. And I have promised to bring different traditional + new and modern Diwali decoration ideas in this series.

In my last post of this series I shared tutorial on how to make traditional Marigold Flower Garland (artificial).  But today we will see a modern and new way to decorate with flowers and Diwali lamps (diya). Also it is very very EASY and SUPER FAST to make..

DIWALI SERIES (Part 1) : DIY : Marigold Flower Garland

DIWALI SERIES (Part 1) : DIY : Marigold Flower Garland

Hello all,  here in India there are three seasons - Summer, Rainy and Winter. But my favorite is Festival Season!! Yes, Festival Season starting from August to November. There are series of different festivals all these months. And Diwali is one of the heavily celebrated festival by Indians.

Diwali brings lights, joy, decorations, family time and yummy food..!! ;)

15 SUPER Creepy Cute HALLOWEEN Ideas

Hello everyone, Halloween is round the corner and everyone is busy setting up their home for the festival. If you are still wondering what to setup for this year's Halloween, I'm going to help you in Halloween decoration ideas. Down there is a list of super cute and creepy Halloween ideas.

These great stuff were just lying around on Pinterest when I grabbed them for you :) And always there's a promise about these DIY ideas...

  • EASY to make
  • LIGHT on your pockets
  • FAMILY art time assured ;)

I tried to find tutorials for all of these Halloween crafts. Couple of them you can just use as inspiration and create your own version.

15 supper creep and cute halloween ideas


There must be occasions during flight travel when you say to yourself, ..this is such a small bag to hold my things properly..." or even "..why can’t airways increase their carry-on luggage weight huh..." and sometimes "Gosh! I want my carry-on more organized...” !!

Hello all..
Organized carry-on bag is a key to happy and calm flight. So today I'm going to give you some really practical organizing ideas and fabulous tricks for your carry-on bag organization. Also this post is an extension to my last blog post on Flight travel essentials (includes checklist FREE printable) from Travel Essentials Series. 



Whether you travel by plane regularly or going for the first time, we all want travelling to be stress-free! It all starts by writing a perfect packing list. And to your relief here is a complete list of flight essentials in your hand. So, scroll down to grab the free flight trip essentials printable and more tips on packing!


You may also want to get Free ROAD TRIP ESSENTIALS Printable!

Let's start!

Now, before collecting the essentials for your vacation ask yourself 3 fundamental questions. Yes, questions! This will make sure you are focused on things you really need and neglect the ‘in-case-I-will-need-it’ stuff. Take the printout of flight essentials printable and write down your answers in the space provided.  

Question 1
What is the weather of your destination?

Question 2
What type / occasion is this trip?
(For example, a visit to relatives, attending a wedding, beach vacation, hill station trip, et cetera)

Question 3
How many days’ trip you have planned (including travelling days)?

Answer 1 and 2 will help you to choose the right type and variety of your essentials, like clothes, accessories, tech stuff, makeup, and so on, according to the weather and the occasion of the trip.

Answer 3 will help you to decide the quantity of your essentials, like number of clothes, shoes, medicines, toiletries, et cetera.

Always remember that while travelling by plane you have to divide your luggage into two main categories, carry-on and check-in. So before packing your bags, keep the respective essentials separate to avoid confusion and stress while packing. Continuing with the same thought the printable checklists are divided as :

  • Carry-on Checklist
  • Check-in Baggage Checklist

Take a look at the Fight essential printable and download it now!!


Printable are strictly for personal use.

{ --- Download Free Flight Essentials Checklist Printable --- }

NOTE: I have given two checkboxes for each item on the list. You can use it in two different ways.

Use 1- Use the first checkbox line to check what you need to pack for the trip and the second checkbox line for checking in all the things you have packed before the return journey.

Use 2- Use the first checkbox line to check what you need to pack for the trip and second check-box line for things to buy before packing the bags.

I'm pretty sure that this checklist will help you to ease your stress before travelling. So don’t forget to download the FREE FLIGHT ESSENTIALS LIST. Use it to make your flight experience more easy and enjoyable.

What are your top 5 things that you won’t forget ever while travelling? Tell me in the comments!

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DIY Canvas and Paper Art

Hello all, today I am going to share with you my another DIY canvas art. This one is totally different from my first CANVAS DIY : STRING ART. As I mentioned in that post about my first art wall gallery, these both canvas DIY pieces found their place in there. 

So here it is simple and artistic looking DIY Canvas and Paper Art.

DIY Canvas and Paper Art
DIY : Canvas and Paper Art

Canvas DIY : String Art

Hello beautiful you!! When festivals are few weeks ahead every home gets a complete cleanup, so did my. From small makeovers like wall paint touch ups, replacing old electrical items and house decluttering to creating a Art Wall with best arts by me and my sister-in-law.

After collecting the best ones I need to add two more arts frames to make the art wall complete. So I decided to create different DIY arts and both on canvas board. 

The second one is DIY Canvas & Paper Art and here is the first! 

Canvas DIY  String Art


Hey guys I am back! Back with super stylish storage organizers. We will dive in most needed and loved storage system - Jewelry storage. Today we will see DIY Ring Organizer/ Holder. It is simple and quick.

DIY Ring Organizer Holder

Decoding Myself through VIPASSANA Meditation

Hey guys, I know I was off from you all for atleast 3 weeks. The reason being I was attending a 10-days course of Vipassana Meditation at Dhamma Giri, Igatpuri, India. Vipassana is a most ancient and pure meditation technique with very practical approach. Now it is taught by S. N. Goenka in the tradition of Sayagyi U Ba Khin across many countries.

Meditaion hall at DHAMMA GIRI, Igatpuri, Nasik, India

DIY : Paper Box Tutorial

When we think of organization, first thing that comes in our mind is - Storage Box! And why not, these small-big boxes are ideal for storing almost anything. Cereal boxes, plastic bins, colorful baskets, and what not, we have so many alternatives to choose from. 

As per our requirements, we love to buy or DIY these functional storage boxes. And today I have brought storage boxes that are light-weight and cute - DIY Paper Boxes using Origami easy technique. I like this technique as it completely rules out measuring, cutting and sticking mess.


DIY : Felt Mobile Cover Tutorial : Parents Day Special

As you know we are celebrating 'ONLY DIY MONTH' at My Indian Version this July (2015) here is the seventh DIY post for you (find previous post's links at end of this tutorial post).

OK on coming Sunday that is 26 July,2015 is Parent's Day and till today if you have no idea what to gift your parents on this day you are at right place (and post!). Today's DIY tutorial is about making easy-vesy mobile cover/ mobile case from felt paper. 

DIY : Felt Mobile Cover Tutorial : Parents Day Special
DIY : Felt Mobile Cover Tutorial : Parents Day Special

DIY Motivational Pebbles

Sitting by riverside I am surprised to see how flowing water erodes those rough rocks into smooth pebbles. Within no time I collect handful of pebbles lying by the riverside. Reaching home I keep them in a clear glass bowl that sits beside a flower vase. But somehow they look incomplete. My creative brain started wandering to find some easy DIY project using these cute pebbles. And after a long search I finally decided to write some motivational words on them. Motivational pebbles just takes few minutes and no special writing skill.


DIY : Envelope Template Tutorial with photos

We always use envelopes for invitations, gifts, to keep monthly money, courier purpose and even for some DIY crafts. But we mostly buy them without knowing that homemade envelopes are affordable and easy to make. You just need a envelope template to make your choice of decorative envelopes.

DIY : Envelope Template Tutorial with photos
DIY : Envelope Template Tutorial with photos

DIY : Wine Bottle Decorations : Photo Tutorial

Hello everyone,

As you know we are celebrating 'ONLY DIY MONTH' at My Indian Version this July (2015) here is the forth DIY post for you (find previous post's links at end of this tutorial post).

DIY : Wine Bottle Decorations : Photo Tutorial
DIY : Wine Bottle Decorations : Photo Tutorial

DIY : How To Make Paper Lantern : Photo Tutorial

Lanterns is one of the pretty element that can be used as home decor item. Small lanterns hung on windows and walls with light bulbs inside them gives nice touch to room.

In India lanterns are only used during Diwali festival (Festival of Lights). Big lantern hanging outside every house creates beautiful scene. So for this year's Diwali festival I am going to make these small DIY Paper Lantern garland and hang them on my windows.

DIY : How To Make Paper Lantern : Photo Tutorial
DIY : How To Make Paper Lantern : Photo Tutorial

DIY Notepad Tutorial : Magnetic Notepad

If you are a list writing person and need many notepads, you are at right place. Even if you are not, notepad is always handy for anyone. Notepads in any size and shape are always one of the best way to quickly make Grocery list, To-do list, take up notes and many more things.

So why not to make them at home...Yes DIY notepad...don't worry they are very easy to make...The best thing about these DIY Notepad is that you can make them in any custom size of your choice and with leftover pages in house. So it also becomes a upcycling DIY!

Below picture tutorial will teach you how to make DIY Magnetic Notepads all by yourself. We will make it to stay on fridge or any metal object you prefer.

DIY Paper Garland Tutorial : No Sew Project

Hey dear, as we are celebrating 'ONLY DIY MONTH' this July (2015) at My Indian Version, here is a first post from this celebration.

Today we will learn very easy, affordable, no-sew and fast DIY Paper Garland. This is one of the easy paper decorations ideas you can make. You can use these paper garland for party decorations, birthday decorations and  at many other occasions. Or you can simply use it as wall decor. Colorful paper garland on white wall looks beautiful.

So without any delay lets start the DIY Paper Garland Tutorial.

DIY Paper Garland Tutorial
DIY Paper Garland Tutorial (with pictures)

Diy : Yarn Wrapped Vase Tutorial

Hey everyone, next month that is July 2015 My Indian Version is celebrating 'ONLY DIY MONTH'. Come and join with me to celebrate DIYs.....        

I was always attracted towards colorful yarns my mom used to make sweaters with. My mind use to wander to find some kind of yarn crafts. I came across wrapped yarn craft ideas in Pinterest DIY & crafts section. It was a upcycling DIY for empty wine bottles. And my creative brain clicked.....I had an old but beautifully shaped vase lying around. So I decided to do DIY upcycle project with this old vase and some yarn. Since then it became one of my favorite DIY crafts

Yes, and I have made its tutorial with pictures all for you guys.....Also at the ends of this tutorial there are some of my extra tips about this project.

Come on let's starts it then.....

Yarn Wrapped Vase DIY : Picture Tutorial

DIY Paper Flower - Step by Step Tutorial

Hello! Hope you are doing well. Do you love to have beautiful flowers at home, every day? Me too!

Flowers, whether real or artificial, bring new life to home decor. They bring brightness, freshness, energy, colors, and gives a soothing effect to the house. So why not add all these adjectives to your house today? So let’s make some quick and easy paper flowers. Below is DIY paper flower tutorial with descriptive pictures.


Top 30 Monsoon Health Tips for You and Your Family

Hey Everyone,

Here in India we all are welcoming monsoon after four months of long summer. The beautiful smell of wet soil after first rain is so beautiful.....I love that smell. Sometimes I call monsoon as Rain of Relief. Standing in rain diminishes your worries, pains, stress, anxiety, responsibilities, limitations, fear and allow you to be only yourself that moment. 

As the season changes drastically from dry to wet, things in our environment changes. So does our body. You need to take special care of yourself and your family during monsoon.

Top 30 Monsoon Health Tips for You and Your Family

DIY Photo Magnets

Do you have photo prints that does not fit under any category? Or those prints that are damaged on sides and ruining the look of your photo album? I have a great idea to use them in style.

DIY personalized photo magnets

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Personalized Photo Magnets is quick and simple DIY project. Just 3 steps and you have stunning fridge magnets! So without any delay, let's start it.

What Body Type am I ?

Hello dear,

Today I am introducing my next category of My Indian Version - 'FASHION+'

In this category I will share with you fashion tips that will suit your body shape, your personality, your age, your work style and.... yes, your budget too!!

I am of the belief that before understanding fashion you have to understand your body's type or shape. It is the base of your fashion statement.

What is my Body Type?

Handmade Father’s Day Gifts

Hey everyone,

      Have you ever thought that do you really need any special days to express love and care towards someone?

I thought about it for long time and realized that I hardly told my loved ones how much I love them. So now I take advantage of these special days to gift my loved ones and express my feeling. Also I am adding a new category called 'CELEBRATION DAYS' in My Indian Version blog which will represent all different days of celebrations in a year.
      Now that Father's Day is around the corner and I have already started finding some gift ideas. And I can't wait to share it with you.... 

When is Father’s Day? 
On Sunday, 21st June 2015