Hello all, welcome to 'My Indian Version' blog

Today I will start with a series named – TRAVEL ESSENTIALS. Along with the list of essentials there are some really useful tips and a FREE printable of the essentials list. So the very first blog of this series is about Road Trip Essentials.

Travelling, especially via road is always full of excitement, enthusiasm and enjoyment. It is my favorite way to travel. But road trips can turn to nightmare if not planned properly in advance. So here I am, to help you to plan, step by step. At the end find tips on dressing, hair and makeup while travelling!

Organizing is a way to make your road trip stress free. The mantra to organize is to keep all your (I mean all members) road trip needs handy. This includes funds, toiletries, medicine kit, food, etc. Not only it will keep you cool but also will keep everyone happy while travelling. Down I will explore and explain all different ROAD TRIP ESSENTIALS you can need. 

Now you can Plan, Organize, Pack and Enjoy your road trip.......Stress free!!
Printable are strictly for personal use.