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Today I will start with a series named – TRAVEL ESSENTIALS. Along with the list of essentials there are some really useful tips and a FREE printable of the essentials list. So the very first blog of this series is about Road Trip Essentials.

Travelling, especially via road is always full of excitement, enthusiasm and enjoyment. It is my favorite way to travel. But road trips can turn to nightmare if not planned properly in advance. So here I am, to help you to plan, step by step. At the end find tips on dressing, hair and makeup while travelling!

Organizing is a way to make your road trip stress free. The mantra to organize is to keep all your (I mean all members) road trip needs handy. This includes funds, toiletries, medicine kit, food, etc. Not only it will keep you cool but also will keep everyone happy while travelling. Down I will explore and explain all different ROAD TRIP ESSENTIALS you can need. 

Now you can Plan, Organize, Pack and Enjoy your road trip.......Stress free!!
Printable are strictly for personal use.

Step 1: Google the weather of the place you will be travelling to. Especially here in India, where weather and temperature changes every few kilometers, it’s advisable to have the knowledge of weather of your destination. Now write it down on the downloaded printable.

Step 2: Think what type of trip it is, a beach vacation, a hill station vacation, visit to relatives, wedding to attend, exploring, etc. Write it down.

Step 3: Count the number of days of your trip. Also include your travelling days. Write it down. 

Above three answers will help you to decide - what type and how much of clothes, shoes, and accessories you will need to pack for the trip. Also it helps while planning your trip.

Now we will see the category wise division of the things to be kept handy and how to organize it in car. You can use college bagpack/duffle bag and some baskets to organize your handy stuff. We will name our bags as,

1.‘Common carry-on bag’: this is a bag that will be kept under/beside your seat or any place in vehicle accessible by all. It will contain items that are needed most by all in the road trip.

2.‘Food bag’: this will be fully dedicated to food items for all members.

3.‘Important pouch’: this will contain all important documents and tickets for the journey. Let’s start with it.

① Travel Essentials:

All the documents that are must for road trip like driving license, identification cards, hotel reservations, emergency contacts list, map etc will all go in the ‘Important pouch’. Also keep identification card and emergency contacts list with each member and also one copy in ‘Important pouch’.

② Funds:

The most important thing for making your trip happen ;) Take funds in the way you prefer. But also keep in mind where are you going, example if you are travelling to some forest or remote areas, it will be a better idea to have enough cash with you instead of relying on debit/credit cards. Also you can make a separate wallet for trip expenses; this will help you to keep track of the trip expenses later. Either keep fund in ‘Important pouch’ or in separate wallet.

③ Tech Stuff:

Very necessary things if you have kids with you. Always remember to load your tablet/laptop/mobile with some new and old videos/movies your kids like, this will keep them entertained for some time of the road trip. You can use one of the baskets to keep it while not in use or while charging it. Keep camera in same basket if you don’t have a camera bag. Remember to drop some empty memory cards and batteries also.

④ Medicine Kit:

This is always the most neglected part while packing for trips. Having your own/family medicine kit is always a good idea. Especially if your outing includes exploring places, hill stations, forest adventure, etc. Try to make the kit compact and always keep it in your ‘Common carry-on bag‘. 

⑤ Food:

Irrespective of the length of road trip, you will always stuff food items in your bag! Yes, because it makes you feel good. Decide food items depending upon the members (toddlers, teenagers, old citizens) on the board. Keeping few use-n-throw plates, spoons, glasses, tissue papers and dustbin bags in your food bag, this will keep your vehicle and clothes clean. You can also have a peeler and a knife if you are a fruit lover. Keep all these in the ‘Food bag’. Keep the bag in middle of the vehicle where everyone can access it.
Carry enough water bottles with you. You can also assign one water bottle for each member.

⑥ Toiletries:

Take time to pack toiletries as they tend to spill and mess up the toiletry pouch. Keep the pouch in your ‘Common carry-on bag‘. Depending upon the length and time of trip decide the toiletries. Keep personal toiletry pouch separate from the common bag.

⑦ Other common essentials / Miscellaneous:

Extra carry bags of different sizes, dustbin bags, napkin/towels, hand sanitizer should be kept handy in one of the baskets. Sunlight blocker for car windows is a must have. You can also use a scarf/dupatta for the same purpose. Travelling pillow, shawl/blanket can be used to provide easy while sleeping in car. Take magazines/ books/ games to entertain yourself and others. Keep all these things in your ‘Common carry-on bag‘. A set of small diary and pen to jot down anything you want to like expenses, places to see, timings of park, etc.

⑧ Handbag:

If you are carrying a handbag, keep all your valuables, wallet and house keys in it. Don’t forget to keep moisturizer and lip balm to moisturize your skin as AC inside the car dries up the skin.

Keep in mind - you have to keep things that are most important while on the road. Don't over pack the bags by adding 'in-case I will need this' item. 

One more important point - let everyone know about the stuff inside ‘Common carry-on bag’, ‘Food bag’, ‘Important pouch’ and baskets. This will allow everyone to help themselves instead of bothering you all the time.


While in car wear a very comfortable dress. Example, Top/Kurti + Legging/Tights, Kurta + Salwar, Top + Palazo pants/ Herm pants, etc. Don’t wear jeans for long road trips, it can cause irritations, sweat, muscle sprain. Loose bottoms are always a very good option. Choose tops/ kurtis that are light weight and medium fitting. 

Accessorize your dress with small to medium size earrings and bracelet. Choose light weight and thin necklace during travel.


For medium to long hair, best way to keep your hair tidy is to tie braid. Also you can use hair bands for some fashion statement. For short hair, go for color clips and hair bands to keep them in place. Don’t apply any kind of oil/gel to your hair while travelling by road. It makes your hair sticky and also stinky after sometime.


If you are a makeup person, cut down your makeup to minimal (unless you are directly going to attend any function). Otherwise just use good BB/CC cream as base. Keep light on eyes with only eyeliner/kajal. Use lip balm for soft lips. You can try tinted lip balm instead of lipstick. Don’t forget to paint your nails with bright colors for that holiday look.

I hope this will help you in some way. Don’t forget to download the FREE ROAD TRIP ESSENTIALS LIST. Use it to make your road trip more easy and enjoyable.

Note : I have given two check-boxes for each item in the list. 

Use 1 - First check-box line, for checking what you need to pack for the trip and second check-box line, for checking out all the things while leaving for return trip.

Use 2 - First check-box line, for checking what you need to pack for the trip and second check-box line, for things you need to buy from the list before packing.

Now you can Plan, Organize, Pack and Enjoy your road trip.......Stress free!!

Here is next one in the Travel Essential Series - FLIGHT TRIP ESSENTIALS

Now you can Plan, Organize, Pack and Enjoy your road trip.......Stress free!!

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