Diy : Yarn Wrapped Vase Tutorial

Hey everyone, next month that is July 2015 My Indian Version is celebrating 'ONLY DIY MONTH'. Come and join with me to celebrate DIYs.....        

I was always attracted towards colorful yarns my mom used to make sweaters with. My mind use to wander to find some kind of yarn crafts. I came across wrapped yarn craft ideas in Pinterest DIY & crafts section. It was a upcycling DIY for empty wine bottles. And my creative brain clicked.....I had an old but beautifully shaped vase lying around. So I decided to do DIY upcycle project with this old vase and some yarn. Since then it became one of my favorite DIY crafts

Yes, and I have made its tutorial with pictures all for you guys.....Also at the ends of this tutorial there are some of my extra tips about this project.

Come on let's starts it then.....

Yarn Wrapped Vase DIY : Picture Tutorial

DIY Paper Flower - Step by Step Tutorial

Hello! Hope you are doing well. Do you love to have beautiful flowers at home, every day? Me too!

Flowers, whether real or artificial, bring new life to home decor. They bring brightness, freshness, energy, colors, and gives a soothing effect to the house. So why not add all these adjectives to your house today? So let’s make some quick and easy paper flowers. Below is DIY paper flower tutorial with descriptive pictures.


Top 30 Monsoon Health Tips for You and Your Family

Hey Everyone,

Here in India we all are welcoming monsoon after four months of long summer. The beautiful smell of wet soil after first rain is so beautiful.....I love that smell. Sometimes I call monsoon as Rain of Relief. Standing in rain diminishes your worries, pains, stress, anxiety, responsibilities, limitations, fear and allow you to be only yourself that moment. 

As the season changes drastically from dry to wet, things in our environment changes. So does our body. You need to take special care of yourself and your family during monsoon.

Top 30 Monsoon Health Tips for You and Your Family

DIY Photo Magnets

Do you have photo prints that does not fit under any category? Or those prints that are damaged on sides and ruining the look of your photo album? I have a great idea to use them in style.

DIY personalized photo magnets

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Personalized Photo Magnets is quick and simple DIY project. Just 3 steps and you have stunning fridge magnets! So without any delay, let's start it.

What Body Type am I ?

Hello dear,

Today I am introducing my next category of My Indian Version - 'FASHION+'

In this category I will share with you fashion tips that will suit your body shape, your personality, your age, your work style and.... yes, your budget too!!

I am of the belief that before understanding fashion you have to understand your body's type or shape. It is the base of your fashion statement.

What is my Body Type?

Handmade Father’s Day Gifts

Hey everyone,

      Have you ever thought that do you really need any special days to express love and care towards someone?

I thought about it for long time and realized that I hardly told my loved ones how much I love them. So now I take advantage of these special days to gift my loved ones and express my feeling. Also I am adding a new category called 'CELEBRATION DAYS' in My Indian Version blog which will represent all different days of celebrations in a year.
      Now that Father's Day is around the corner and I have already started finding some gift ideas. And I can't wait to share it with you.... 

When is Father’s Day? 
On Sunday, 21st June 2015


Weekly School Lunch Planner

Hello and welcome back....

               Today I am giving out yet another free printable for you. These are specially for all you Supermoms

A School Lunch Planner printable.....

lunch box quote

               I have seen my sisters and friends every day dealing with their children's lunch box fury. And sometimes children add fuel to this fury by crying about their lunch box. So what I figured out is that - School lunch Planning is as important as planning our family weekly meals.

Monthly Grocery List

Hello people, welcome back......

               I still remember during my childhood my mom use to make a big grocery list, send it to nearby grocery shop and the shopkeeper use to home deliver it. Next day, mom use to visit that shop to pay the bill and exchange some item sometimes. Now the scene has changed, we go for grocery shopping to nearby supermarket picking up things pre-written in the big grocery list. The similarity in these two ways of grocery shopping is  of course - ‘The Grocery List’. 

So today I am sharing with you Monthly Grocery List printable, which I use to ease grocery shopping to some extent.

Grocery List Free Printable
Monthly Grocery List Free Printable

FREE Printable Menu Planner

Last year me and my mom use to plan our family’s weekly menus on every Sunday. Now after few months of not continuing it, we want to start it again. This time I created some printable menu planner to make it little more exciting. So here I am sharing with you my free printable menu planner worksheet.

Some of you might think what is the need for menu planner? For you, here are some reasons on why to plan your menus in advance.

Why Menu Planner?
  • Saves money 
  • Saves time 
  • Encourages healthy eating habit
  • No more “What to cook today?” questions 
  • Makes you organized

Now that you know the reasons for writing a food planner, let’s see what’s there in the FREE Meal Planning Worksheet. I have designed a color menu planner as well as a black and white menu planner. Download whichever you love.