DIY Paper Flower - Step by Step Tutorial

Hello! Hope you are doing well. Do you love to have beautiful flowers at home, every day? Me too!

Flowers, whether real or artificial, bring new life to home decor. They bring brightness, freshness, energy, colors, and gives a soothing effect to the house. So why not add all these adjectives to your house today? So let’s make some quick and easy paper flowers. Below is DIY paper flower tutorial with descriptive pictures.


  1. 8" by 5" tissue paper/ crepe Paper/ kite Paper (Any thin paper will do)
  2. Pair of scissors
  3. Thin metal wire
  4. Floral tape



1. Measure and cut,  8-inch by 5-inch rectangle of the paper. Do so for 5 or more sheets. I have used paper in a single color but you can use different colors for each layer. Remember, the paper should be cut in a rectangle.

2. Keep 5 papers on top of each other. Holding by the breadth (smaller side), start folding them together into an accordion shape. Each fold should be at least 1cm wide. 

3. Trim the corners of the accordion. This will give a clean look to the petals. Note that the more you trim corners, the smaller the flower will be. 

4. Now, take about 10cm of the metal wire. Twist it around the center of the accordion. This will become the stem of the flower.


5. Separate the paper from both sides. This will help us to perform the next step.

6. Now, holding the twisted metal wire, slowly separate each layer of paper, one side at a time.

7. After separating all the layers from both sides twist and turn each layer of petals. This will make the flower look full.


8. Wrap the green floral tape around the metal wire. Remember while wrapping the floral tape first stretch it and then wrap around the wire. Stretching activates the glue from the floral tape.


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How was the DIY paper flower tutorial? Easy, right? Yes! So try it out and share it with me. You can share your DIY paper flowers photo on My Indian Version's Facebook page or mail me here.

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