DIY Photo Magnets

Do you have photo prints that does not fit under any category? Or those prints that are damaged on sides and ruining the look of your photo album? I have a great idea to use them in style.

DIY personalized photo magnets

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Personalized Photo Magnets is quick and simple DIY project. Just 3 steps and you have stunning fridge magnets! So without any delay, let's start it.


  1. Photo prints
  2. Thick scrap paper/ Card stock
  3. Magnet (any type)
  4. Glue
  5. Pen
  6. Scissor
  7. Sketch pens/ Sharpies

DIY personalized photo magnets materials to use


1. Trace and cut the area on your photos which you want to show up. Also cut same shapes from scrap paper. You will need magnet strips that should be minimum 1 cm broad.

DIY personalized picture magnets

2.  Glue the scrap paper and magnet strips on the back of photo prints.

DIY personalized photo magnets

3.  Decorate the pictures with embellishments as you wish. I drew thin border and glued some thermacol balls along the side...and its ready! They create very beautiful view of photo prints on the fridge.

DIY personalized photo magnets

DIY personalized picture magnets

Click a photo of your photo magnets and share them with me, on my Google+ and Facebook pages. To get more quick DIY project ideas follow my Easy DIY board on Pinterest.

DIY personalized photo magnets

Isn’t it quick and simple? Make one, two, three, four, five,..... and lots of them and put them on your fridge or any metal item. These little magnet pictures will bring a nice personalized look to your home.

DIY personalized fridge magnets

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