Handmade Father’s Day Gifts

Hey everyone,

      Have you ever thought that do you really need any special days to express love and care towards someone?

I thought about it for long time and realized that I hardly told my loved ones how much I love them. So now I take advantage of these special days to gift my loved ones and express my feeling. Also I am adding a new category called 'CELEBRATION DAYS' in My Indian Version blog which will represent all different days of celebrations in a year.
      Now that Father's Day is around the corner and I have already started finding some gift ideas. And I can't wait to share it with you.... 

When is Father’s Day? 
On Sunday, 21st June 2015


      I have found 10 cool handmade gift ideas for Father's Day. So take your creative brains out and start making a good father’s day gift for your Superhero
These gift ideas can be used by any age group. If you are a kid, teenager, studying, working, married, old ...you can use these ideas.

      And don’t forget that your Grandfather is also waiting for a Father’s Day gift from you. So make it one for that Grand Superhero also!

Have a look at 10 Handmade Father's Day Gift Ideas...

1. My Dad Rocks!

This is tutorial to make a paper weight from a rock.

Tutorial to make remote holder using photos.

Tutorial to make bookmark of mustache shape.

Printable for pop up Father's Day card.

Printable for making spectacles from word 'DAD'.

Tutorial on how to make memorial pillow cover for dad.

7. Nuts Jar Sticker

Printable sticker with a message for Father's Day.

Idea on how to make a hand shaped card for daddy.

Tutorial to make a cool goodies bag for dad.

10. Mustache Glass Mugs

Tutorial to imprint mustache shapes on glass.

Comment which one you liked the most. I am waiting to hear from you.

Celebrate this Father’s Day with lots of smiles and gifts..!


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