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               I still remember during my childhood my mom use to make a big grocery list, send it to nearby grocery shop and the shopkeeper use to home deliver it. Next day, mom use to visit that shop to pay the bill and exchange some item sometimes. Now the scene has changed, we go for grocery shopping to nearby supermarket picking up things pre-written in the big grocery list. The similarity in these two ways of grocery shopping is  of course - ‘The Grocery List’. 

So today I am sharing with you Monthly Grocery List printable, which I use to ease grocery shopping to some extent.

Grocery List Free Printable
Monthly Grocery List Free Printable

               The free printable grocery list is categorized keeping in mind different types of food items used. The printable can be used weekly or monthly as per your need. Also there is an extra basic grocery list without categories. Use it as supplement to categorized grocery list.

Click here to download your copy of Grocery List FREE printable.
Printable are strictly for personal use.


               Before making a grocery list, it is always better to have an idea of what you will be cooking in coming days. To help you plan your meals weekly/ monthly go to my last post about Free Printable Menu Planner.

Use both these planners in combination with each other, for stress-less meals making and groceries shopping.

  • Save old monthly Grocery list –

               My mom use to keep a book totally dedicated to grocery lists. Every month while making her list, she used to take a look at previous month's list. It was her reference to new grocery list. You can also save your previous months Grocery lists that will act as your reference to recent grocery planning.

  • Set Priorities –

               After completing the grocery list, select the items that you need urgently. Highlight these urgent items with color pens/ sharpies/ markers, so that you won’t forget it while shopping.

You can also refer to your Printable Menu Planner to search for any urgent food items.

  • Set Budget -

               Remember to set your budget before going to grocery shopping. This will give you an idea of money spent on groceries. Also it will keep you out from purchasing unnecessary products.

In my next post, I will share a FREE Tiffin/ Lunch Box Planner printable. So come back to grab the free printable.

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