Top 30 Monsoon Health Tips for You and Your Family

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Here in India we all are welcoming monsoon after four months of long summer. The beautiful smell of wet soil after first rain is so beautiful.....I love that smell. Sometimes I call monsoon as Rain of Relief. Standing in rain diminishes your worries, pains, stress, anxiety, responsibilities, limitations, fear and allow you to be only yourself that moment. 

As the season changes drastically from dry to wet, things in our environment changes. So does our body. You need to take special care of yourself and your family during monsoon.

Top 30 Monsoon Health Tips for You and Your Family

I am giving out some of the very old monsoon health tips. I promise these are easy to follow and does not require any money from your pocket. I have categorized all tips into different sections to make it simple for you to remember.
Here they are,

Top 30 Monsoon Health Tips for You and Your Family

--*-- HANDS --*--

  • If you have dry skin moisturize your hands maximum twice a day, once immediately after the bath and other before going to bed. Not more than that. Using more moisturizer in rainy days can make your hands sticky and even smelly.

--*-- LEGS --*--

  • Wash and dry your feet every time you come home from rain. Sometimes rain water can cause allergies to feet. So keep your feet clean.
  • If you have dry skin then moisturize your legs twice a day, maximum.
  • Avoid growing toe nails in rainy season. While walking in rain wet mud can hide inside the grown toe nails.

--*-- MAKEUP --*--

  • Apply water proof makeup.
  • Keep eye makeup minimal because it may turn messy due to dampness in weather.
  • You can try bright color lipsticks like coral, orange, bright pink to add brightness to your makeup on the dull monsoon days.
  • Also use darker shades of nail paints on toes which camouflage the wet mud stain.
  • Use deodorants or perfumes from medium to strong aroma. Due to dampness in air body odour can become stronger that normal days.

--*-- ACCESSORIES --*--

  • Avoid using wooden jewellery because wood tends to catch fungi in damp weather.
  • You can use metal, plastic or fiber jewellery which are not affected by monsoon.
  • Avoid leather handbags, shoes, sandals, jackets, etc because they catch fungi in wet/ damp weather. These fungi can sometimes damage your leather possessions.
  • If by any chance your accessories get wet in rain, dry them completely before placing them with other accessories.

--*-- CLOTHES --*--

  • Use light weight fabric clothes like chiffon, synthetic, georgette, semi silk, net, etc. So even if they get wet in rain these fabric dry quickly even in damp weather.
  • Avoid cotton and heavy jeans clothes.
  • Darker shade bottoms are always safe to wear in monsoon. Water or wet mud stains are not easily visible on them.
  • Make sure your washed clothes are completely dry before keeping them in the wardrobe. If they are damp, they will form a ugly smell inside your wardrobe.

--*-- FOOD --*--

  • Intake hot to warm food/ drinks during monsoon. This make you feel good anytime.
  • Try to avoid fried/ oily food. They are heavy to digest in rainy season.
  • Drink lots of water (minimum 8 glasses a day) even in rainy seasons. Due to coldness in weather you don’t feel thirsty most of the day.

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--*-- EXERCISE --*--

  • Exercise regularly in monsoon, it keeps your body warm and you feel fresh even in dull weather.
  • If you can’t take a walk out in nature learn yoga, aerobics at home.
  • Also you can join a nearby gym to keep your exercise routine even during rainy days.


  • To avoid things inside your handbag getting wet, put those things in small plastic bags first and then into your handbag.
  • Bath with warm water rather than too hot or cold water. Your skin won’t get dry faster because of warm water.

Use above tips to keep yourself fresh and healthy internally and externally during rainy days.

Tell me which tip you liked the most. And if you also have any useful Monsoon Health Tips not mentioned above please share it with all of us here.

Happy Monsoon!!

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