What Body Type am I ?

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Today I am introducing my next category of My Indian Version - 'FASHION+'

In this category I will share with you fashion tips that will suit your body shape, your personality, your age, your work style and.... yes, your budget too!!

I am of the belief that before understanding fashion you have to understand your body's type or shape. It is the base of your fashion statement.

What is my Body Type?

            When I say body types or shapes it does NOT represent weight of body. It means how your body is structured with respect to chest, waist and hips. This understanding will help you in taking right decisions about which fashion style will suit your body type and which will not.

Before running into body type’s explanation, there are 3 measurements that will be required.
  1. Chest – Place measuring tape around chest properly and measure the highest place of chest.
  2. Waist – Place measuring tape around waist properly and measure the thinnest point.
  3. Hips – Place measuring tape around hips properly and measure the largest circumference.

Here are the most common female body shapes or types found. Find which one is yours:-
  • Rectangle/Banana/ Straight Shape
Chest and hips are almost of same measurement.
Waist is slightly smaller than chest and hips.
This body shape has all body parts in straight line.
  • Apple/Heart Shape
Chest and waist are fuller than hips. 
Waist is little smaller than chest.
This body shape has heavy upper body and generally has slender legs.
  • Pear/Triangle Shape
Chest is much smaller compare to hips.
Waist is smaller than chest and hips and is defined.
This body type has proportionate upper body and heavy lower body.
  • Diamond Shape
Waist is fuller than chest and hips.
This body type has proportionate legs and arms.
  • Inverted Triangle Shape
Chest is fuller than waist and hips.
Shoulders are broader than other body parts.
Waist is less defined.
This body types generally has narrower hips and slender legs.
  • Hourglass/Balanced Shape
Chest and Hips are almost of same measurement and proportionate.
Waist is clearly denied and smaller than chest and hips.
This body types have balanced legs and arms.

These are the most common and generalized body types found in woman. Just take measurements of your chest, waist and hips and compare it with the body shapes description. The description that matches most to your measurements is your body type.

Tell me which is your body type and what is your style statement. I am eager to hear it from you....

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