DIY : How To Make Paper Lantern : Photo Tutorial

Lanterns is one of the pretty element that can be used as home decor item. Small lanterns hung on windows and walls with light bulbs inside them gives nice touch to room.

In India lanterns are only used during Diwali festival (Festival of Lights). Big lantern hanging outside every house creates beautiful scene. So for this year's Diwali festival I am going to make these small DIY Paper Lantern garland and hang them on my windows.

DIY : How To Make Paper Lantern : Photo Tutorial
DIY : How To Make Paper Lantern : Photo Tutorial

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DIY Paper Lantern : Photo Tutorial


  1. Color craft paper
  2. Yarn
  3. Ruler
  4. Pencil
  5. Scissor
  6. Glue
  7. Hole punch machine
How To Make Paper Lantern : Materials


1. Cut color craft papers in 15 cm * 1 cm size. And cut circle approximately of 5 cm diameter. Total you will need 20 strips and 2 circles. I had 4 color papers so I made 5 strips from each color paper.
How To Make Paper Lantern : Step 1

2. To get the idea of final arrangement keep the strips around the circle. Closely look at the paper arrangement near the circle. Each strip is kept upon other strip. This will also give you an idea how many strips you will require.
How To Make Paper Lantern : Step 2

3. Once you know how the arrangement is, punch one hole on one side of each strip.
How To Make Paper Lantern : Step 3

4. Take one of the circle and on the back side of the circle draw another circle of appr. 1/2 (half) cm less than the original circle. This new circle outline will act as guideline to stick the strips on the circle.
Now stick the strips on back side of the circle. Remember to keep holed side of strip outside.
How To Make Paper Lantern : Step 4

5. When you complete sticking all the strips on the circle stick the other circle over it. This will cover the ugly sticky part of the lantern.
How To Make Paper Lantern : Step 5

6. Now turn the structure upside down, so you have back side of all strips facing you. Now take the yarn and start passing it through the punched hole one by one. Yarn pass should be from top-to-bottom. See in the picture below.
How To Make Paper Lantern : Step 6

7. Keep sliding the strips together while weaving the strips. 
How To Make Paper Lantern : Step 7

8. After weaving yarn from all holes tie a knot. This is how it will look from top after you tie the knot.
How To Make Paper Lantern : Step 8

Add some embellishments and make it more pretty. I have added three little butterfly and pink yarn bow at top. And Paper Lantern is ready to decorate your home!
How To Make Paper Lantern

Isn't it simple and affordable! Why don't you try it. Use them to make lantern garland with or without light bulbs or just hang one and two of them on wall. It will look beautiful for sure.

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