DIY : Paper Box Tutorial

When we think of organization, first thing that comes in our mind is - Storage Box! And why not, these small-big boxes are ideal for storing almost anything. Cereal boxes, plastic bins, colorful baskets, and what not, we have so many alternatives to choose from. 

As per our requirements, we love to buy or DIY these functional storage boxes. And today I have brought storage boxes that are light-weight and cute - DIY Paper Boxes using Origami easy technique. I like this technique as it completely rules out measuring, cutting and sticking mess.


You may know that we are celebrating 'ONLY DIY MONTH' at My Indian Version this July (2015) and today's is eighth DIY project for you. Find the previous DIY projects at the end of this tutorial post.

You will need only square papers to make these origami boxes. I have used 6 inches square origami paper. If you want bigger size box just increase the length of the square. And if you don't have origami papers then you can use any other paper that can be folded easily. Now just keep folding the paper as shown below and you can make super adorable and colorful organizers with less money and less fuss!

First lay the square paper back side up on a plain surface. Step 1 to 4 gives the center of the square.


All these folds gives creases on which the next folds are based.


Open fold from step 7 and step 8. Now fold remaining two sides.


Now again open folds done in step 9 till step 5 and continue as shown below.



All done! The origami styled paper storage box is ready to use! I use these cute boxes to keep small office supplies like binder clips, U-clips, rubber bands, eraser and small bookmarks in my desk drawerApart from work space area you also use them as drawer dividers in my jewellery box to store rings or small earrings.


Now that you know how to make colorful paper storage boxes, get started to organize small items in your drawers and cabinets using them. Remember what I said about resizing these paper boxes at start? To increase or decrease the size of box just increase or decrease the length of the square paper.

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