DIY Canvas and Paper Art

Hello all, today I am going to share with you my another DIY canvas art. This one is totally different from my first CANVAS DIY : STRING ART. As I mentioned in that post about my first art wall gallery, these both canvas DIY pieces found their place in there. 

So here it is simple and artistic looking DIY Canvas and Paper Art.

DIY Canvas and Paper Art
DIY : Canvas and Paper Art

What I required?
  1. Canvas board - any size (I used 12" by 16" canvas board)
  2. Acrylic paint
  3. Scrapbooking/ Patterned papers
  4. Painting brush - preferably flat sponge brush
  5. Glue - Fevicol/ Mod podge
  6. Scissor
In the below photo you see the already painted canvas board. I forgot to take materials photo at very start of the project that's why. :D 

DIY Canvas and Paper Art
DIY : Canvas and Paper Art - Materials


1. Paint the canvas board with acrylic color(s) and let it dry overnight. Don't forget to paint the sides of the canvas board. If you like, you can even keep its original white background.

2. Now cut a flower petal stencil of your desired shape and size. I made approximately 2.5 inches long petal stencil.

3. Using this petal stencil cut out the petals from the scrapbooking/ patterned papers. Initial cut only few petals from each patterned paper. And then cut as much you require them.

4. Cut a circle from contrast colored paper. This will be the center of flower that we are going to make. I used golden paper for flower center.

5. Once you have all petals and flower center ready, stage it on the canvas board. Keep arranging petals till you get your desired look.

6. Now start with sticking flower center first on canvas board and then each petal at a time. Let the glue dry completely.

7. The last step is to secure the canvas and paper from dust. For this generously apply the layer of glue/ fevicol/ mod podge over the full canvas surface. Let it dry for atleast one day. In future you can use a dry cloth to wipe the artwork if it catches dust.

That's all, we are done! The beautiful DIY Canvas and Paper Art is ready to go on the art wall. 

DIY Canvas and Paper Art
DIY : Canvas and Paper Art

Wasn't it easy to make. Keep trying such artworks and make your own art wall gallery. 

Why don't you share your art wall photo with me. I will love to see them.

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