Whether you travel by plane regularly or going for the first time, we all want travelling to be stress-free! It all starts by writing a perfect packing list. And to your relief here is a complete list of flight essentials in your hand. So, scroll down to grab the free flight trip essentials printable and more tips on packing!


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Let's start!

Now, before collecting the essentials for your vacation ask yourself 3 fundamental questions. Yes, questions! This will make sure you are focused on things you really need and neglect the ‘in-case-I-will-need-it’ stuff. Take the printout of flight essentials printable and write down your answers in the space provided.  

Question 1
What is the weather of your destination?

Question 2
What type / occasion is this trip?
(For example, a visit to relatives, attending a wedding, beach vacation, hill station trip, et cetera)

Question 3
How many days’ trip you have planned (including travelling days)?

Answer 1 and 2 will help you to choose the right type and variety of your essentials, like clothes, accessories, tech stuff, makeup, and so on, according to the weather and the occasion of the trip.

Answer 3 will help you to decide the quantity of your essentials, like number of clothes, shoes, medicines, toiletries, et cetera.

Always remember that while travelling by plane you have to divide your luggage into two main categories, carry-on and check-in. So before packing your bags, keep the respective essentials separate to avoid confusion and stress while packing. Continuing with the same thought the printable checklists are divided as :

  • Carry-on Checklist
  • Check-in Baggage Checklist

Take a look at the Fight essential printable and download it now!!


Printable are strictly for personal use.

{ --- Download Free Flight Essentials Checklist Printable --- }

NOTE: I have given two checkboxes for each item on the list. You can use it in two different ways.

Use 1- Use the first checkbox line to check what you need to pack for the trip and the second checkbox line for checking in all the things you have packed before the return journey.

Use 2- Use the first checkbox line to check what you need to pack for the trip and second check-box line for things to buy before packing the bags.

I'm pretty sure that this checklist will help you to ease your stress before travelling. So don’t forget to download the FREE FLIGHT ESSENTIALS LIST. Use it to make your flight experience more easy and enjoyable.

What are your top 5 things that you won’t forget ever while travelling? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. This is the reason why I still don't fly with the kids. They never want to go just with the essentials. But your list is definitely a great help! Thank you for sharing at The Really Crafty Link Party this week! Pinned!

    1. Haha..true..Great that you found the essential's checklist useful. And thanks for hosting the party, Teresa!