Hello all, few days back my little niece was asking me about Christmas tree. After whole explanation and answering her questions in detail she wanted to make a small Christmas tree for this Christmas. And I had to decide on simple Christmas tree craft, a 3 year old can make. After going around Pinterest for some inspiration I finally had five super easy Paper Christmas Tree crafts.

MINI CHRISTMAS TREE CRAFT for Kids | My Indian Version

I wanted to share these artificial Christmas tree craft with you for your little ones. So they keep busy (at least for sometime) and enjoy Christmas decor with the family. These are Mini trees easy to make with some common available materials at home. Any kiddo can make them with some little help. Trust me! Scroll down for the list, pin the list and enjoy with your kids! ;)

DIY Easy POP UP Card : Photo Tutorial

Hello all, today I want to share with you my childhood memories. Those days I loved making different greeting cards for different occasions. It was such a satisfying feeling to make handmade birthday cards with impressive birthday wishes for family and friends. And if someone presented me a handmade birthday card I use to so so happy. And if the card would be a POP UP card, I would be happy with no bounds.

DIY Easy POP UP Card : Photo Tutorial
DIY Easy POP UP Card : Photo Tutorial

My love for pop-up cards is sill there. I never made any of them thinking they are hard to make and not my cup of tea. But last week I was so inspired by all those Thanksgiving Thank You cards that I decided to make a greeting card. So why not a pop up card ha! Cool idea! And went ahead and made my first ever POP UP CARD.

15 AWESOME Gratitude Filled THANKSGIVING DAY Ideas

Hello all, Thanksgiving day is just few days away and EVERYONE is excited about it. Everyone is busy in making special decor for this Thanksgiving, learning traditional recipes, buying gifts and wrapping them. So much to do! And by any means you are struggling to get some easy but awesome ideas for this Thanksgiving you are at right place.

Below I'm sharing some creative ideas especially for Thanksgiving day. As I always promise, these DIY are :

  • Easy-to-make
  • Cost-effective and
  • Fun time assured

15 AWESOME Gratitude Filled THANKSGIVING DAY Ideas
15 AWESOME Gratitude Filled THANKSGIVING DAY Ideas

DIWALI Festival Decorations At MY HOME

Diwali Decoration at My Home
Diwali Decoration at My Home

Hello all, Diwali greeting to all of you. Today is the last day of Diwali festival and almost end of Festival Season in India. Diwali brings colors, lights, gifts, great food, decoration and wonderful family time. I experienced all these moments this Diwali. And today I'm sharing with you one of these moments, Diwali decor at my home.

Here is how me and my family decorated our 'Home Sweet Home' this Diwali.


DIY Kundan Rangoli - Diwali Series(part 3)
DIY Kundan Rangoli - Diwali Series (part 3)

Hello all, wish you a very Happy Diwali! We are almost there for the Big Diwali day. And I'm so excited about it. My most favorite part during Diwali is drawing rangolis (designed pattern filled with color powders).

I was first introduced to Rangoli by my Grandmother and since then I love drawing rangoli in traditional way (using white and color powders). But as there are always innovation that comes in every craft, rangoli do have its own. Kundan Rangoli, Artificial flower rangoli, Stencil rangoli and many more(I will talk about them in other posts) are some to mention.

DIWALI SERIES (Part 2) : Wine Glass - Diya Centerpiece

DIWALI SERIES (Part 2) : Wine Glass Diya Centerpiece
DIWALI SERIES (Part 2) : Wine Glass Diya Centerpiece

Hello all, Diwali is round the corner to bring joy, lights, family time and yummy food..!! ;) You must have started cleaning and decorating your sweet home. And I'm going to help you in decorating your beautiful house this Diwali.

Today is second post of DIWALI SERIES. And I have promised to bring different traditional + new and modern Diwali decoration ideas in this series.

In my last post of this series I shared tutorial on how to make traditional Marigold Flower Garland (artificial).  But today we will see a modern and new way to decorate with flowers and Diwali lamps (diya). Also it is very very EASY and SUPER FAST to make..