Time is flying and we are nearing New Year 2016. For all of us New Year brings lots of hopes, new resolutions and opportunities in our lives. You need to be alert to grab all of them and make most out of it. And if you are ready for it every day nothing can stop you from achieving them. 

Pre-planning your day will surely help you to be on track and you will stop feeling guilty about not being productive ever. So today I’m sharing Daily Planner/ Daily Docket printable pages with you. Also I'm offering an additional free printable, Monthly Checklist, to track your monthly tasks.

Many of us find week at a glance more comfortable to be productive. Also many of us feel productive with more detailed plan on daily basis. If you are one this lot here are the simple Daily Planner/ Daily Docket for you. Of course it is free to download for your personal use!

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At-a-Glance WEEKLY PLANNER + TO-DO LIST : Free Printable

As I'm making more and more New Year’s printables, I'm getting more and more excited about New Year plans. And now that we have a free 2016 Calendar Printable (yearly and monthly) ready, let's move ahead with a weekly planner printable. Along with this free Weekly Planner, also get a separate, multipurpose To-Do list page!

I mentioned in the post “New Age Method of Goal Setting and Achieving Them” that execution is key to achieving any goal. For that, you can break your goals into small everyday actions and schedule them on a weekly basis. Planning your tasks a week ahead make you feel as though they are more under control. You start being more productive and controlled. This will finally take you towards completion of your goals into the New Year!



“Insanity Is Doing Same Thing Over And Over Again And Expecting Different Results."   - Albert Einstein
We are rapidly leaving this year and nearing the new year 2016 2017. The first thing that comes to my mind when I see "New Year" is Resolutions and Goals. I try them on and off. But lately, I have become quite serious about setting goals and achieving them. Some people do this religiously every year. You may have also had a list of resolution for every new yearBut what happens next, we unknowingly forget about them as the month of January (or sometimes February) slips. And you don't want to continue it this year too! So that's why YOU are here to learn a way to approach the fresh list of resolutions and goals.

So why these new year resolutions slip out of mind in few weeks? I asked that question to myself and found that I was using the age-old methods of goal settings, skipping that as the time changes so the ways of getting things done should! We all need to TRANSFORM the process of making resolutions and IMPROVE the ways to get them done. 

I learned few new method from different sources* and finally figured out a way that suits me best. And I'm really confident that this method will also help you too! Because this improvised method is simple and practical, following new modern insights. And to get more out this method, I have made complementary planning printable. They are FREE for personal use. So let's go and find How To Make This Year Your Best Year Yet!

Get your full set of Goal Setting and Achieving FREE printable at the bottom of this post.

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Creative and Easy GIFT BAG Idea : Photo Tutorial

So you find gift wrapping tough job? Hmm...there are so many like you, including me. But there is always an alternative way to do anything, right? So does the packing a gift. Yes, a Gift Bag! But when you go out and buy those pretty gift bags you always think to yourself, "It is so costly! I can make my own spending less money." That is so true dear and that is exactly why today I brought a simple yet creative gift bag style.

It is easy to make and has minimal materials. I like to call it a Gift Box Bag! It looks like a box (some what like a carton box) but has a handle to carry. And as I always promise the DIY is - Low on money and time, High on looks! 

Let's begin the step by step tutorial to make a Gift Box Bag...

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2016 Yearly and Monthly Calendar : FREE Printables

Hello my dear friends, have you thought about the goals to achieve for 2016. I am on my way to writing it. I always like to have a new year calendar by my side while setting goals for new year. And this year also it is same. I have recently made a simple looking calendar for 2016. Since now-a-days I'm more in minimal and clean looking designs, the calendar got designed similarly :) And the good thing about this design is that it is low on printer ink! Isn't that great?


Yes! you guessed it right I'm sharing the printable calendar for FREE with you! :) And you will find more and more free printables coming this December.


Hello all, December has just began - A Beginning to End the year 2015. I have already started thinking what I want to do in 2016, so that it will be my BEST year yet. One thing that I will have is a PLANNER with PRINTABLE made by me. And without any delay I will share all these printables with you - of course for FREE! You know me how much I love you! :) 

The very first one is a Birthday - Anniversary Calendar. Dedicated to my best friends who every year forget birthday dates of their besties (me!).

Birthday Anniversary calendar free printable Pinterest