At-a-Glance WEEKLY PLANNER + TO-DO LIST : Free Printable

As I'm making more and more New Year’s printables, I'm getting more and more excited about New Year plans. And now that we have a free 2016 Calendar Printable (yearly and monthly) ready, let's move ahead with a weekly planner printable. Along with this free Weekly Planner, also get a separate, multipurpose To-Do list page!

I mentioned in the post “New Age Method of Goal Setting and Achieving Them” that execution is key to achieving any goal. For that, you can break your goals into small everyday actions and schedule them on a weekly basis. Planning your tasks a week ahead make you feel as though they are more under control. You start being more productive and controlled. This will finally take you towards completion of your goals into the New Year!


With these printables, you not only have a place to write down your everyday tasks, but there is also space for other activities. The weekly planner pages are made in two formats :
  1. With hourly timing included, and
  2. Without hourly timing.

If you are a person who likes planning your day along with the time then below is your choice of weekly planner pages. Schedule all your classes, appointments, household work, work time, and family time perfectly and you're ready for the week!


{--- Get your FREE copy of Weekly Planner WITH Hourly Timing ---}

And if you are not much into planning by the hour, and you just need a simple task list layout, then the next one is all for you! (I personally use this layout and it works best for me.)


{--- Get your FREE copy of Weekly Planner WITHOUT Hourly Timing ---}

Now time for the multipurpose TO-DO List Pages! I sometimes need to make a separate list for DIY projects I'm simultaneously working on, or a shopping list, or any other list that is not included in my everyday tasks. So this is a truly handy piece. You can use it for almost anything! Going for shopping this Sunday? Write the list! Doing a big project or some DIY? Write down each small step on this list. Have a meeting? Write the points on the list. Want to keep track of festive work? Write it down on the list. This one is really a multipurpose list maker!


{--- Get your FREE copy of Multipurpose To-Do List ---}

All these planner pages are designed for A5 paper size (14.8 cm * 21 cm / 5.8 inches * 8.3 inches). If you don't use A5 inserts in your planner, feel free to ask me for a weekly planner and to-do list of any other paper size. Contact me directly and I will happily make one for you!

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