Creative and Easy GIFT BAG Idea : Photo Tutorial

So you find gift wrapping tough job? Hmm...there are so many like you, including me. But there is always an alternative way to do anything, right? So does the packing a gift. Yes, a Gift Bag! But when you go out and buy those pretty gift bags you always think to yourself, "It is so costly! I can make my own spending less money." That is so true dear and that is exactly why today I brought a simple yet creative gift bag style.

It is easy to make and has minimal materials. I like to call it a Gift Box Bag! It looks like a box (some what like a carton box) but has a handle to carry. And as I always promise the DIY is - Low on money and time, High on looks! 

Let's begin the step by step tutorial to make a Gift Box Bag...

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  1. 35 cm * 25 cm Thick Paper (Card stock, construction paper, scrapbook paper, handmade paper) I used thick textured paper.
  2. Ruler
  3. Pencil
  4. Scissor
  5. Cutter
  6. Glue/ Double sided tape
  7. Embellishments (OPTIONAL) I used satin ribbon bow & glitter.



1. Start by drawing template on the BACKSIDE of paper sheet (35 cm * 25 cm). See next picture for measurements with cutting and folding instructions.


Red numbers - Measurements in centimeters (cm).
Blue line - Fold the paper inside along the dashed line.
Green line - Fold the paper outside along the dashed line.
Grey solid line - Cut the paper along this line.

Keep this gift box bag template on a card stock paper ready. So whenever you need to pack a gift, just draw the outline on the paper and cut it out. Simple!


2. Cut out the template carefully. Remember to cut only solid grey lines NOT dashed lines.


3. Now fold the paper along the dashed line. See step 1 for folding instructions.


4. Glue glue glue. First glue the bottom of the gift bag. Follow the pictures instruction below.


Ta-daa! Your Gift bag is ready...Easy, isn't it?


To close the gift box bag bring the handle towards middle and hold together. Now tuck it inside slits on both sides.


Add the gift and tie a ribbon bow on the handle and your DIY Gift Box Bag is ready to go!! 


Or randomly add some glitter dots and tie a cute satin ribbon bow. Decorate as you want!


Make it a little more interesting by adding handmade presents like a personalized picture magnet or DIY mobile cover.



Keep these bags and bows ready before the gifting season. When you buy a gift just pop it in the gift bag and you are done. No more gift wrapping fuss!! Or you can even use it as invitation box with personalized name tag hanging. Tell me in comments how your Easy Gift Bag turned out. I'm waiting...

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