Time is flying and we are nearing New Year 2016. For all of us New Year brings lots of hopes, new resolutions and opportunities in our lives. You need to be alert to grab all of them and make most out of it. And if you are ready for it every day nothing can stop you from achieving them. 

Pre-planning your day will surely help you to be on track and you will stop feeling guilty about not being productive ever. So today I’m sharing Daily Planner/ Daily Docket printable pages with you. Also I'm offering an additional free printable, Monthly Checklist, to track your monthly tasks.

Many of us find week at a glance more comfortable to be productive. Also many of us feel productive with more detailed plan on daily basis. If you are one this lot here are the simple Daily Planner/ Daily Docket for you. Of course it is free to download for your personal use!

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Very first is the 'Week Wheel' where today's date goes in middle of wheel and the day of the week gets highlighted. An inspirational quote or verse is always a good start of the day. The Today's Plan section is divided in three sub-sections. You can use as you wish. I'm thinking to use these sub-sections as personal-work/blog-goals tasks. You can use them as morning-afternoon-evening, myself-kids-pets, family-work-others or whatever is your need. Next Today's important section to write 3-5 tasks that are to be done TODAY ONLY. You cannot afford to postpone it anymore now! In Reminders section you can add calls to make, email to send, any appointment of the day... anything you want to remember for that day.


The List section is very versatile. Write here any kind of list you need to make, shopping list, to-do list, project list, idea list, work list, almost anything. If you need make more list/ checklists try this newly made to-do list printable. Next is Meal Plan section. If you like to keep track of your meals everyday or pre-plan your meals the Meal Plan section is for you. It is sub-divided in three sections. 

It is good habit to keep track of your money, whether incoming or outgoing. The Income/Expense section is for that. So even if your don't remember how much you paid for certain bill or earned some extra money from a sale you can turn back the pages and find it out!

The last two sections are to make you feel fulfilled at the end of the day. The Gratitude section and the My Space section are all about you! Do you see that small circle in the rightmost corner of the My Space section? Draw your mood of the day in there - A Mood Smiley! And the rest of the space is your, doodle while speaking on phone, write new word you learned today, decorate with stickers and tapes, whatever you feel to do. Go ahead and make it your own space.

As I promised earlier here is the Monthly Checklist printable page. You may like to keep single checklist for all tasks or separate checklists for different categories (home maintenance, bills, loan payments, work, etc.) they are surely going to help you.


All these inserts are of A5 page size (14.8 cm * 21 cm / 5.8 inches * 8.3 inches). If you don't use A5 inserts in your planner feel free to ask me for a paper size of your choice. I will be happy to make one for you! 

Wear your working shoes on and get going!

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