BULLET JOURNAL - Yearly Calendar and Birthday Reminder Setup

Today is going to be quick setup idea for bullet journal. We all find it helpful to have a yearly calendar and birthday-anniversary reminder calendar in our bullet journal. Both are used to refer future dates and events. Keeping this in mind I made a little change in setting yearly calendar and birthday-anniversary reminder calendar in my new bullet journal. I just merged them both! See the outcome in following pictures that are ready to get pinned ;)


DIY QUOTE with Changeable Background

All this month I have been writing about new year goals, motivation, inspiration and focus which can make this year 'The Best Year Yet'. Apart from the tips about goal setting - planning and successfully achieving them, there was a crafty DIY (Goal List Cards) on similar front. And today I came up with yet another cool, motivational DIY.


Bullet Journal – Goal Setting and Planning Setup

Bullet Journal has been taking its way successfully to many people's life. I was introduced to bullet journal by Pinterest last year. Since I have never used any kind of planner earlier I was eager to try this as it was easy and cost effective. My first try was in a simple notebook and sadly a complete failure ;) Reason? Even though it was customized according to my needs, I was unclear what things I need in written form and what not. Now in this fresh year I have started using a new Bullet Journal all over again. It is not only customized according to my needs but also well planned now.

I'm really excited to take you through my bullet journal system. The very first pages that you will find after the index page are my 2016 goal setting and planning pages and this is what we will see today in detail. I have written a detailed post on goal setting technique and also you will get free goal setting worksheet there.

You might like to have 2016 Calendar



I was never a goal setting person. I never knew how to set goals and more importantly how to achieve them successfully. Actual I never found it necessary till now. Now when I'm trying to make life more as I want and with many things coming up, I find setting goals necessary. So I can prioritize things to do and work accordingly to achieve what I always wanted.

Clarity is power. Vague goals promote vague results. Know what you want. 
-Robin Sharma 

It is not easy, neither thinking about YOUR OWN (emphasized YOUR OWN) goals nor executing them till END. It is difficult, I know, you also know but it is possible, I know and you also know it. Here is a new constructive ways to set goals to help you to bring clarity about your own goals. And today I have 7 little tips so you can stick to your goals in long term and get them done successfully. These are no high-end ideas, just little suggestions that I myself came across while my goal achieving process.


By now many of you must have made lots of New Year resolutions. It reflects the fact that you yourself want to live a fulfilled life and these goals represents the stepping stone towards it. But setting goals and achieving them are two different things. And hence we need different methods to accomplish them. 

After a great brainstorming session with yourself you must have written your goals for 2016 somewhere. Writing goals makes your thoughts tangible. It increases the chances of getting it done. So keeping that in mind won’t it be great if you have your written goals all the time with you. You can look at them whenever you feel like. 

But the problem is we normally write our goals in our planner, journal, bullet journal, bulletin board, etc. And it is not always possible to carry it all the time. So why not to carry GOAL CARDS otherwise! Great idea, right?

diy goal list cards with positive affirmations

Inspirational PLANNER DIVIDERS Printable

Hello beautiful! I hope you have great start of this new year. In last month of 2015 you collected all planner pages from me. If you have not yet downloaded the free planner printable, here they are for you :

Today I'm sharing planner page dividers-cum-dashboard for your planner binder. Instead of just drawing patterns for dividers I thought using dividers as motivational board too. So I have added some great inspiring quotes on the dividers. They will surely boost you up everyday and whenever you feel like giving up. The printables are free for download and as you know it - personal use only!

Planner dividers with inspiration quotes to motivate you daily
Background photo credits - RekitaNicoleDesigns