Bullet Journal – Goal Setting and Planning Setup

Bullet Journal has been taking its way successfully to many people's life. I was introduced to bullet journal by Pinterest last year. Since I have never used any kind of planner earlier I was eager to try this as it was easy and cost effective. My first try was in a simple notebook and sadly a complete failure ;) Reason? Even though it was customized according to my needs, I was unclear what things I need in written form and what not. Now in this fresh year I have started using a new Bullet Journal all over again. It is not only customized according to my needs but also well planned now.

I'm really excited to take you through my bullet journal system. The very first pages that you will find after the index page are my 2016 goal setting and planning pages and this is what we will see today in detail. I have written a detailed post on goal setting technique and also you will get free goal setting worksheet there.

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My Top 5 2016 Goals is what I see when I open my bullet journal notebook. These five top goals can be short term goals or long term goals but they are my top priority for this year. I wanted a neat and clean layout on one whole page for it and hence divided a page into five equal parts. This clean layout allows me to focus only my goals and nothings else. You can also try these DIY goal list cards to stay more focused.


Next page has 10 more goals for the year. These goals has less priority than the top 5 goals, but are still important for this year. Again a minimalist layout for more clarity. To make the goal pages stand out from other goal planning pages I added a random colored tape to them. 


On the next page I have My 3 Values and My Obsession ParagraphThis is one of the most important pages in my goal setting and planning process. Now these three values should be YOUR OWN not your parents, friends, husbands, boss or coach's. Strictly YOUR values which you want to stick by. The obsession paragraph is future writing, on how you think your life will look on the last day of the year after successfully completing all the goals. I'm taking some extra time to write my obsession para so that I can be more precise and realistic.


Now let's see the planning pages. I have divided the goal planning pages in two parts - 
  1. Each goal breakdown into smaller tasks
  2. Month-wise task allocation

This page is goal breakdown page with little attainable tasks of only ONE goal. One page is dedicated to only one goal.


The second part of planning - Month-wise task allocation. I have divided one page into 4 parts, each dedicated to one month of the year. So according to the priority I have started filling it with the previously breakdown tasks. Gradually I will fill in all months to get a clear idea of goal strategy. 




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This is how I have set and planned my goals for 2016. Since this is my first attempt with bullet journal-cum-planner, I see myself improving gradually over the year. In my upcoming posts you will see some interesting bullet journal DIYs and my bullet journal updates. You can also find me on social media - FacebookPinterest and Google+. And you can even follow me on Bloglovin to get regular updates about my 2016 planner insights.

How have you made your goal plans for this year? Tell me in the comments below.

“If a goal is worth having, it’s worth blocking out the time in your day-to-day life necessary to achieve it.” — Jill Koenig

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  1. nice one. I am yet to plan. thanks.

    1. Thank you Traci! I hope this post help you to plan your year.

  2. Hey there!! can I know if there is a specific book to be used for keeping a bullet journal? I don't want to use it exclusively as a planner or for track keeping...