By now many of you must have made lots of New Year resolutions. It reflects the fact that you yourself want to live a fulfilled life and these goals represents the stepping stone towards it. But setting goals and achieving them are two different things. And hence we need different methods to accomplish them. 

After a great brainstorming session with yourself you must have written your goals for 2016 somewhere. Writing goals makes your thoughts tangible. It increases the chances of getting it done. So keeping that in mind won’t it be great if you have your written goals all the time with you. You can look at them whenever you feel like. 

But the problem is we normally write our goals in our planner, journal, bullet journal, bulletin board, etc. And it is not always possible to carry it all the time. So why not to carry GOAL CARDS otherwise! Great idea, right?

diy goal list cards with positive affirmations

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Goal Cards are smaller version of your goal's list. It is as small as a business card and hence fit perfectly in your wallet. The main purpose of goal card is to keep you, your thoughts, work, strategies and plans in coordination with your goals. And if you have your goals cards in your wallet you can easily take a look at them whenever you feel lost or low in the goal achieving process.

To make this DIY Goal List Cards all you need is,

diy goal list cards materials required

Now its time to write and draw goals on these cards. Write one goal on each card and draw relating background for it. You can even write them back-to-back on a card. Writing your resolutions or goals in present tense makes it look current happening and not far away things to achieve.

diy goal list cards with positive quotes

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Fill words and drawing with colors to make the cards colorful and lively.

drawing doodles and writing goals on diy cards

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You can even draw only the drawing of your goals. Drawing how your life will look once your that particular goal is completed will increase the chance of achieving it by 80%. You can watch this TEDx conference video by Patti Dobrowolski to understand it better - Draw your future.

What a simple idea to help yourself to stay on track of your goals. I have made mine and ready to use it! If you have been writing goals on goal cards I will love if you share your experience with all of us. And if you have not tried it yet I insist you to do so. It will only benefit YOU!

" There is nothing as useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all."   -Peter Ducker

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Diy goal list cards to stay focused


  1. Brilliant idea! So obvious and yet so elusive. I have several cards, about half the size of an index card. I'll put into my new BuJo. Excitedly waiting for my blank journal to arrive.

    1. Thanks Jenny, glad that you like the idea.
      Once you have incorporated it in your brand new BuJo, don't forget to share with me, here! I will love to see it.

      Have a nice day!!

  2. Love this idea! I have lots if plain cards lying around , time to put them to use!