BULLET JOURNAL - Weekly Spread Ideas (Part 2)

We all like planners with flexibility. Bullet Journal is just the perfect example of it. While bullet journal has its own standard ways of planning, it also gives freedom to plan according to your needs. And taking advantage of this freedom I came up with six different weekly spread ideas in my bullet journal!

In the first part of Weekly Spread Ideas, we saw three out of six layouts. From two-page spread to one-page spread and then adding and subtracting sections as per the needs. Today we will continue this Weekly Spread Evolution by looking into next three weekly layouts.



I still remember how I avoided reading ANY book other than my school textbooks. I use to find reading uninteresting and thought it as the most boring thing people can do. But today I think totally opposite. I love reading books! (Thanks to my bro, who kept on filling cupboard with interesting books) These small-big books have opened a whole new world. Now they are my best friends and each one is my precious possession :)

On this reading journey, some books caught my attention. These five books have been great inspiration for me. And today I want to share them with you. I strongly want you to pick and read at least one of these books and feel inspired.


BULLET JOURNAL - Weekly Spread Ideas (Part 1)

It's been seven weeks into Bullet Journaling and I'm working on my week at-a-glace layout, every week. I'm continuously trying different weekly layouts so that I can find my perfect fit. And till now I have tried six different weekly layouts! These layouts have been evolved according to my needs every time.

I don't want to overwhelm you by sharing all of them at one time, so I have decided to break it into two (and more) parts. Thus, this becomes Bullet Journal Weekly Spread Ideas : Part 1.


DIY BOOKMARKS in 10 Different Ways

Today I have a quick, fun and easy-to-make DIY craft for you. Sounds exciting?! And surely it is. When you have a book or planner, bookmarks always comes handy to find in between pages. Though we find many beautiful bookmarks all around, making one (two, three and many more) for yourself is fun. And it literally takes few minutes to make it.

Though I wanted to only two bookmarks for my bullet journal and one for book, I ended up making 10 different styles of bookmarks! And to inspire you to make them, here I'm sharing with you how to make bookmarks quickly!


DIY Customized BOOK COVER with Pocket

Whatever be the purpose of a notebook we like to have its cover fun and colorful. Whether for school, college or for planning, journaling or recipe writing, beautiful book cover adds personality to the book. Right now I use three spiral notebooks for journaling, blog and as bullet journal (as multi-purpose planner). First two have plain textured black cover and I like it that way. But my bullet journal cover is so boring and I was desperate to remake it. And I have done that in just half an hour! Come on with me to see how I made it.


12 QUICK Valentine's Day IDEAS

Valentine's Day denotes the day of love for everyone. Though this day is favorite to lovers, it also inspires family and friends to celebrate it together. You want to celebrate Valentines day but are still stuck with something else more important (or just being lazy), hey I'm going to help you here.

In this Valentine special post I have brought some quick ideas for making your Valentine's Day extra special. Only few days to go for 'HAPPY VALENTINE DAY' these easy and fast 12 Valentine's Day ideas are just perfect. And always there's a promise about these DIY ideas...
  • EASY to make
  • LIGHT on your pockets
  • FAMILY art time assured ;)

12 quick Valentines day ideas - easy to make - light on pocket


I still remember using clipboards during my written exams in school and college. After completing formal education and eventually done with writing exams these clipboard are now lying unused, taking up space in my cupboard. Ever time looking at them I think to upcycle them someday. Huh! And after overcoming so many someday(s), TODAY I have finally done it! The clipboards are repurposed into decorative clipboards and looking adorable, just as I wanted.