I still remember how I avoided reading ANY book other than my school textbooks. I use to find reading uninteresting and thought it as the most boring thing people can do. But today I think totally opposite. I love reading books! (Thanks to my bro, who kept on filling cupboard with interesting books) These small-big books have opened a whole new world. Now they are my best friends and each one is my precious possession :)

On this reading journey, some books caught my attention. These five books have been great inspiration for me. And today I want to share them with you. I strongly want you to pick and read at least one of these books and feel inspired.


One thing that is common in all these five super informative books is - they all speak about simple things that we don't even notice but can actually make difference in our living. Oh! don't worry, none of these give you high-end mantras or over-the-top advises. Instead, you will feel happy and light to move forward along with these cool discoveries.

I have not maintained any particular order for reading. You can happily choose any of them to start with.

1. Tuesdays With Morrie, by Mitch Albom

An old man, a young man, and life's greatest lessons. A true story from the author's life which brings his favorite teacher back to his life. The old teacher unfolds in front of author life's greatest lessons he learned. These lessons, as the author likes to say, are some very small things that matter most for everyone. It makes you realize the worth of your existence and already existing things in your life. Slowly and unknowingly it knocks your brain to think, about your little living life. And without any doubt, it gets placed as one of the international bestseller books.

Excerpt from Tuesdays with Morrie,

"It's not just other people we need to forgive, Mitch," he finally whispered. "We also need to forgive ourselves."
"Yes. For all the things we didn't do. All the things we should have done. You can't get stuck on the regrets of what should have happened. That doesn't help you when you get where I am."......"Dying," Morrie suddenly said, "is only one thing to be sad over, Mitch. Living unhappily is something else."

2. The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, by Robin Sharma

A fable about fulfilling your dreams and reaching your destiny. A simple story about a high profile professional, who finds his way to peaceful and productive life. He shares about that particular way he traveled and the experiences he got throughout his journey. Some way or the other you connect with his journey and strongly feel to find your own way out too.  

...... As he traveled for two more days along the route that he prayed would take him to Sivana. Julian's thoughts wandered back to his former life. Though he felt entirely liberated from the stress and strain that personified his former world, he did wonder whether he could really spend the rest of his days without the intellectual challenge......

3. Who Will Cry When You Will Die? by Robin Sharma

Above two books highlights what you may be missing in your current life and ask you to fill it, as much as you can.  As they provide a whole new perspective on simpler things in life, this little book gives practical lessons on how to act upon them. The chapters are kept short, simple and to the point. The best thing about this book is that you can open any chapter and start reading. Every chapter is complete in itself.

...... Knowledge is not power. Knowledge is only potential power. It transforms itself into actual power the moment you decisively act on it...... Thinking big thoughts alone will not build your business, pay your bills or make you the person you know in your heart you can be. The smallest of the action is always better than the boldest of intentions......

4. Life Is An Attitude, by Dottie Billington

How to grow forever better. This book is straight to the point; if you want the life you imagine, you have to change your perspective likewise. The author takes a step-by-step approach to making the points clear. These points are clearly visible in our everyday life and certainly needs attention. Again the author offers encouragement with practical solutions.

Excerpt from Life Is an Attitude,

...... Choosing to grow may seem like an obvious choice, but it isn't easy, for everyone. You probably know people who are continually learning; they are vital, enthusiastic, interested and interesting. But you probably also know some who seem to be afraid of change, who resolutely cling to their old ways of thinking and doing because that feels safer to them...... Choosing to stay the same confines a person to one narrow path where he trudges back and forth, day in, day out...Growing, however, is like walking up a mountain. As you climb a little higher the trees thin out, offering new perspective as you glimpse the valley below......

5. Steal Like An Artist, by Austin Kleon

10 things nobody told you about being creative. As the name of the book is interesting, so does the book. This book is a great read whether you THINK, you are an artist or NOT. You really don't need to know any art or craft to read this book. You will know why I'm saying so once you start reading it. This book is very different from above four books. Here author grinds your creative juices as he shares his journey as a writer. He gives great examples which encourage you to polish your creative thoughts and be more creatively productive! As the bonus, he shares a smart way so that you will never run out of ideas and inspiration.

Excerpt from Steal Like an Artist,

...... Seeing yourself as part of a creative lineage will help you feel less alone as you start making your own stuff. I hang pictures of my favorite artists in my studio. They're like friendly ghosts... The great thing about dead or remote masters is that they can't refuse you as an apprentice. You can learn whatever you want from them. They left their lesson plans in their work......

Once again it's my hope that you will read all or at least one of these books. It'll surely help you. If you have read any of these books, me and my readers will love to hear your thoughts on the book. Do share them below in the comments.

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