DIY Customized BOOK COVER with Pocket

Whatever be the purpose of a notebook we like to have its cover fun and colorful. Whether for school, college or for planning, journaling or recipe writing, beautiful book cover adds personality to the book. Right now I use three spiral notebooks for journaling, blog and as bullet journal (as multi-purpose planner). First two have plain textured black cover and I like it that way. But my bullet journal cover is so boring and I was desperate to remake it. And I have done that in just half an hour! Come on with me to see how I made it.


I wanted to use minimum materials as possible. Here is what I used :
  1. Left over scrapbook and color card stock papers
  2. Decorative tape/ Washi tape
  3. Hole punch (If you have spiral book)
  4. Glue
  5. Other embellishments (Embroidery thread, paper flowers)
  6. Of course the notebook


First remove the book cover from the spiral, as it is easier to work like this. But if your's is not a spiral book then don't worry about this step and start with next step. Arrange the scrap papers according to your need and once satisfied cut it out as per the book cover's measurement. I made single color paper for front and two different paper for inside cover. I needed a pocket for holding receipts and random lists so I made one on the backside of front cover. Hole punch the card stock and scrapbook paper. Now glue it on the book cover.


Now just decorate decorate and decorate! I used color splash washi tape and bordered it with yellow embroidery thread. Also added some more embroidery thread on corners along with a cute contrasting paper flower. Then I wrote the year and my line for this year - "...and my best year yet!" (Hey, please ignore my not-so-beautiful doodle and handwriting! )

As I said the inside of the front cover is a pocket to hold lists. Inside part is embellished with same washi tape and paper flower. That's it! Simple and personalized book cover is ready in not more than 30 minutes.



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