I still remember using clipboards during my written exams in school and college. After completing formal education and eventually done with writing exams these clipboard are now lying unused, taking up space in my cupboard. Ever time looking at them I think to upcycle them someday. Huh! And after overcoming so many someday(s), TODAY I have finally done it! The clipboards are repurposed into decorative clipboards and looking adorable, just as I wanted.


Here is what I used for this sweet and simple DIY Clipboard Makeover :
  1. Old clipboard(s)
  2. White color 
  3. Golden color 
  4. Painters tape/ Masking tape
  5. Glitter - golden


To get started, clean the clipboards first. One of my clipboard (the light blue one) has glossy finish so I need to sand it so the paint can stay on. Other clipboard is MDF clipboard with paper sticker on it. This did not need sanding.

Now that clipboards are ready to paint, I started spray painting them gold. It took me 3 coats of paint for that finished look. TIP : Let the previous coat dry completely before going for next one. Otherwise you can get bubbles or paint flowing marks on the board.


Making sure that the last coat was dried completely, I stick masking tape in horizontally on one clipboard and vertically on the other. Now time for white paint. TIP : Press the edges of masking tape firmly. Otherwise the white color may spread inside the tape. I'm using white acrylic paint here which took 4 coats for proper finish. I suggest using spray paints for this DIY project.

Once the white paint was completely dry, the masking tape were removed slowly. I love this part of slowly revealing the design after painting. And that's done. To add some extra bling I glued golden glitter on the lines. That's it! Super easy, I told you nah!

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So when are you going to try this upcycling DIY? And if you are feeling lack of inspiration then go ahead on Pinterest and you will finds lots of them in clipboard upcycling ideas. Tweak it as per you need. Tell in comments below how do you reuse your old school supplies. 

Liked this easy-veasy DIY? I have more coming up this month! Meanwhile why don't you take a look at some of earlier simple and quick DIY tutorials.

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