BULLET JOURNAL - Weekly Spread Ideas (Part 3)

While drafting first part of BuJo Weekly Spread Ideas I decided to write only two parts of Weekly Spread Ideas series. But as the weeks are flowing my weekly layouts kept on evolving and now I have yet another set of ideas for bullet journal weekly spread!

Now you know why I'm writing this part 3 and will continue to write it till I find my perfect fit. So this series will be a huge feast for you BuJo lovers!


DIY ORGANIZING Office Supplies On DESK(side)

Cleaner desk equals to greater productivity. If the desk we work on is clean and decluttered, it feels good working on it. And to keep it clutter-free ALWAYS, we have to think smartly while organizing the necessary stuff.

Two of the biggest cluttering agents in any office desk/ study table are - office supplies and papers. Today we will tackle one of it - Office Supplies. Now if the desk is large enough to occupy spacious desk organizers then organizing these cluttering agents are easy. But what if the desk is small? Keeping all supplies well-organized and accessible can be challenging. I have same challenge in front of me when I took up my creative corner setup challenge. 

Here is an out-of-the-box solution for my regularly used office supplies! This is the second work space organization project.

DIY Office Supplies Stackable Drawer Organizer (which slides!)

Work Space setup project is in its first major phase - ORGANIZATION. I firmly believe that organization is very important for productive work space. If your work space is well-organized accessing stuff becomes easy, which does not waste your time and make you mad in searching things everywhere, which finally leads to greater productivity and increased focus on actual work.

My first work space organization project is drawer organization. Continuing with the Four Points of Organization which I discussed in planning of work space, I have completed my first aim of organizing my offices supplies in desk drawer successfully!


Yes you read it right, a Stackable Drawer Organizer (and it slides too!). As my desk drawer is quite deep and I want to store only office supplies in it, a creative idea was needed that will use the height of the drawer to fullest. Limited space requires creativity - said Peter Walsh. So true! So thinking creatively I made this slider and stackable drawer dividers which are functional, well-organized, have space for growth and also look pretty! 

Follow along to see how I transformed a messy desk drawer into well-organized and functional one in my new creative nook.


Here is what I used to DIY stackable drawer inserts. Boxes (cereal, biscuits, chips, sweets, perfume, toothpaste...), decorative tape, white and color papers, pencil, ruler, scissor and cutter. These thin card board boxes are just prefect to make drawer inserts, isn't it?


Over few weeks I have been collecting these empty boxes for organization projects. As per the common way of making DIY drawer dividers using cereal boxes, I did not played with the boxes to see how they adjust in drawer. Rather I first took measurements of the drawer, made a rough sketch how I wanted drawer organizers and then found the best fit boxes for it. This way allows you to make inserts according to your needs and not rely on the size of the boxes.

My plan is to store only office supplies like pens (other than daily ones), markers, highlighters, color tapes and camera cord and extra memory cards in level 0 organizers. And other small office supplies like binder clips, U-clips, rubber bands, white out, stapler, eraser, sharpener and bookmarks in level 1 sliding organizer.



Since the organizers are double-stored I made level 0 drawer inserts 2 inches high (half the size of drawer height) and the remaining height goes to level 1 drawer inserts. I numbered each insert so even if they get shuffled in the process I know which one fits where.

Before starting to decorate I placed all inserts into the drawer to confirm they all fit correctly. I suggest to do this step on regular interval to avoid mistakes.

Now the fun part of decorating the drawer inserts! For level 0 I covered only the inner part of the inserts because that is the only part which is seen. First I covered the inner part with white paper and then glued strips and triangles of yellow and pink papers. And to hide those ugly edges just added a golden decorative tape on them.


For level 1, as the tray was completely white, I decided to pop few origami boxes in it. I did not glued them on the tray as I want to keep them flexible.



All done!! All items now have home and extra space to grow (to store future buys!). It is really functional and I'm happy that now I can find all like items at one place!



I'm very happy with the outcome. The DIY sliding-cum-stackable desk drawer organizer idea is the perfect solution for any deep drawers. So if you have any deep drawer that needs to be organized, well now you know the solution!

Do you use any other way than this to organize deep drawers? Share your creative ideas in the comments below, I will love to know it.

Stay tuned to see upcoming work space organization and decor projects with me!

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Work Space Setup & Organization (BEFORE)

Everyone of us wish to have a dream working space which is inspiring, functional, well organized and clean. Working in company cubical may hardly complete this wish. But if you work from home or you are a blogger (like me) then you can create your dream working space in the house. Now that I have bought a new office desk, I'm ready to setup the creative corner all for MYSELF!


Setting up a working space which is comfortable, organized, fresh and interesting is quite a challenging job. But I want to make this challenging work fun and what is the best way than to share my progress with you. Even though my working space will be set in a corner of a room, I'm very excited to make it my own!

But before starting the work I want to share few points which I use in every decluttering project at home. Here are they : 
The place should be,
  1. Functional first, pretty second
  2. Well organized
  3. Extra room for growing supplies
  4. Everything should have a home to go
Why I need to stick to these conditions? Well, they are most important things any interior designer or declutter expert will tell you. And the points really makes sense! Suppose you have pretty looking, inspiring workstation but you waste time in searching your regular supplies, what's the point? This will only decrease your productivity than to increase it! So to avoid any silly mistake it is good habit to take care of above four points while working on any room setup/ declutter.


Here is my work space which is a part of guest room. The only furniture that will be used is my new wooden desk. It is a desk with storage, enough to store my frequently used crafting supplies. The desk will serve as computer table, project workstation as well as a writing desk. So it has to suit all three requirements within limited space.

You must have noticed a window over the desk. So I will have enough lighting whole day and a centralized tubelight in the room will take care of evenings. Hence I won't require any table lamp exclusively for the corner.


Now let's come to storage. This table has quite good storage - a drawer, small cupboard and a open shelf. I'm planing to keep only frequently needed supplies and on-going projects in this desk storage. Apart from that there should be space for growth. So if I bring any new supplies then it should have a home to go in. This will require some smart and creative organization ideas which I'll share as the work progress.

As you see in the image above, the open shelf on left-hand side is quite dark area. I want to make it bright and beautiful. Should I add wrapping paper OR use colorful storage boxes to brighten up the shelf? What is your suggestion?

Do you have more ideas for this space? Tell me! It is a small corner space below a big window, with my small office desk standing in the corner.

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