BULLET JOURNAL - Weekly Spread Ideas (Part 3)

While drafting first part of BuJo Weekly Spread Ideas I decided to write only two parts of Weekly Spread Ideas series. But as the weeks are flowing my weekly layouts kept on evolving and now I have yet another set of ideas for bullet journal weekly spread!

Now you know why I'm writing this part 3 and will continue to write it till I find my perfect fit. So this series will be a huge feast for you BuJo lovers!


One important thing while planning weekly or daily to-dos is to plan according to one's working capacity. Over-stuffing tasks under one day is a very bad idea. Even though you are free from distractions for the whole day. The better way is adjusting the tasks over the week which feels less stressed and more productive.

Continuing from part 2 of this series, below are the weekly spreads I tried for the month of March.


What I Planned - One-page spread, with two categories - Personal and Work, to separate the respective tasks list.

How I Used - As I discussed in part 1 first step was to write recurring and already known tasks on particular dates. Now with categories, it becomes easy to find a particular task. I could easily see the spread and know how much personal or work tasks are complete/incomplete. Because of this layout, there left no place for notes and goals as in the third week of February. As the layout seems to work I continued the same layout for the second week of March.


What Needs to be Changed - A notes sections must be added. If not then I keep writing randoms notes on the random papers. Which is totally not me! Goals sections can be kept optional :D


What I Planned - One-page weekly layout with columns for earlier categories - Personal and Work, and two date columns, one for each category. A generous space to write notes.

How I Used - I first wrote tasks as they came in my mind on Sunday evening and kept adding new tasks as they came. As the tasks get visually divided as personal and work this provides a clearer view of things to do. After writing tasks I wrote a date on which the particular task has to be get done, in the respective date column. I used six color pens to write tasks for six days. This idea allowed searching particular day's tasks visually easy. The notes section held random notes and few reminders for next week.



What Needs to be Changed - Undated format did not work as desired, so dated format are easy to follow for me. Also, there are few tasks (personal and work both) that repeat more than once in a week. So they need to be written separately. 


What I Planned - One-page weekly layout with dated format and a separate place to write repetitive tasks of the week. And of course, a notes section!

How I Used - I first wrote repetitive tasks in 'Tasks 4 Week' section. Then pre-scheduled other tasks on necessary dates. Then as the week will go the tasks from 'Tasks 4 Week' section get canceled once completely done. Keeping repetitive tasks separate from other tasks turned out to be a great idea. Also as there were no categories this week it was quite difficult to analyze the progress at a glance.


What Needs to be Changed - Categories (personal and work) seems to work than all in one box. So it'll be a good idea to keep the categories in future weekly spread layouts too.

By now creating new weekly layouts for every week has become a fun task for me. I'm really loving this process of finding my best fit weekly-cum-daily at a glance layout. I hope you are enjoying the evolution of the weekly spread too.

If you also have any such bullet Journal evolution story share it with us in the comments. I and my readers would love to know it.

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  1. What a fab series of posts. I have enjoyed reading and following your journey into creating the weekly spread that suits you. Thank you for sharing :)

    1. Thanks for such sweet words, Amanda! I'm glad you enjoyed the evolution series.


  2. I have been changing my layouts evvery week since I started BuJo in feb. More so because I get bored with repition..now Other than the montly calender at a glance, I dont plan my page. Let them go as they feel like.. great to find your blog.. will keep checking in..

    1. Thanks, Tejal! Glad you liked it!
      Weekly spreads are great for pre-planning already known tasks and then you can add more tasks as they come up everyday. Best thing of BuJo is that you can plan as per your needs and keep on adding, changing and removing things as you go further.

  3. You are doing a great work Shweta. Glad that I found your blog. I was always fascinated by the planners from outside India, and was trying hard to find a indian blogger who does planning. Great to find you. Keep up the good work. Will follow you going forward

    1. Sangeetha, thank you for your encouraging words! I'm always happy to hear from readers like you, who like planning.
      Have you thought of making your, own planner? Just download and print some free printable and spiral bind them! You can find lots of beautiful, free printable here on My Indian Version and also on the internet.