DIY ORGANIZING Office Supplies On DESK(side)

Cleaner desk equals to greater productivity. If the desk we work on is clean and decluttered, it feels good working on it. And to keep it clutter-free ALWAYS, we have to think smartly while organizing the necessary stuff.

Two of the biggest cluttering agents in any office desk/ study table are - office supplies and papers. Today we will tackle one of it - Office Supplies. Now if the desk is large enough to occupy spacious desk organizers then organizing these cluttering agents are easy. But what if the desk is small? Keeping all supplies well-organized and accessible can be challenging. I have same challenge in front of me when I took up my creative corner setup challenge. 

Here is an out-of-the-box solution for my regularly used office supplies! This is the second work space organization project.

Have you ever thought to use sides of desk to organize your regular tools? Well good news is you can! To store those frequently needed supplies will now be always at your hand!

And what about less frequently used office supplies? Well they go in the stackable drawer organizer made in last post!

To DIY office supplies organizer you will need : 
  1. Famous and cheap organizer boxes - empty cereal boxes! Well I'm using Electric bulb boxes and a toothpaste box (they are just perfect size).
  2. Scissor / Cutter / Xacto knife
  3. Clear tape / Duct tape
  4. Glue
  5. Colorful papers
  6. Blu-tack (Something that will hold the desk organizer on the side of table without using nails!)

I forgot to keep Blu-Tack pack while shooting :D

First you have to decide the height of your floating pen holder. I decided 4 inches.

Now using scissor or cutter cut one edge of the box, so the box opens flat. Remove one side of the box (so you have only 3 sides of the box left) and then cut flaps out. Finally according to the measurements cut the extra height of the box. Add a tape on the open edges of the triangle box so the edges become smooth.

Now join the edges of flat box to form a triangle box and use a clear tape to secure it. For the base cut a triangle from left over box pieces. Secure it with clear tape on one open side.

The triangle box structure is ready. Make as many as need.

Now cover them with beautiful, colorful papers or you can even paint them. I doodled triangles and diamonds on the plain colored papers and then glued them to the boxes.

Final step, stick the ready triangle pen holders on the side of the desk. I am using Blue-tack to do it. Using Blu-tack is very easy and non-messy! Just cut out small squares from the Blu-tack pack, each for one box, place on the back of box and push to the table side. Push it hard so the Blu-tack flattens a little bit. That's it you have hanged a desk organizer on desk (side)!

Wasn't it simple to make? I told you ;) Now it is easy to pick the pen and after using goes directly to the place! The desk now has more space and looks clean. It is functional, accessible and pretty too! I'm completely loving it.

If you want any ideas for organizing your office supplies, then contact me on social media accounts or talk directly on email! You can even find more organization ideas on my Work Space Organization Pinterest board.

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