BULLET JOURNAL - Weekly & Monthly Task Tracker

There is always a simple solution for every difficult question! Don't you agree?

This is also true of coming up with customized bullet journal layouts. While using a Bullet Journal, one of the problems I came up with was to manage recurring tasks. Whether they occur weekly or monthly, I tend to miss them sometimes. So here is my solution for writing, remembering, and tracking repeated tasks of every week and month.


IndiBlogger Meet and My Dream Come True Moment!

Do you remember your memorable Sunday? Well, I had experienced one of the most memorable Sunday till now on 10th April 2016.

It was all during Quaker Bowl IndiBlogger Meet at Mumbai. IndiBlogger is one of the biggest Indian blogger communities where you can interact with all kinds of bloggers on a single platform.

This was my 1st IndiBlogger Meet where I met bloggers from different spheres for very 1st time! I left home feeling excited, nervous, happy, curious and so many emotions at the same time. Little knowing that one of my dreams to meet my inspirational person was going to come true.