BULLET JOURNAL – Monthly Layout Ideas (Part 1)

In my four months of bullet journaling I have planned my days using weekly spreads alone. At start of each week and month I would refer to weekly and monthly task checklist and copy them to the current week. But lately I needed a method that will help me put together all monthly tasks, reminders and expenses. So I visited back to the bullet journal site and I found my answer in Monthly log. 

Ryder Carroll, the man behind this flexible planning system, perfectly describes the month calendar as birds-eye view of the month. The two-page spread with the Calendar on left page and the Tasks on the right gives a complete overview on the month. But often while creating custom monthly log many users try to fit in more details in an overview plan!

But what if the traditional monthly log doesn't suit's your current lifestyle?


Then you just need to twist the layout and make it work for you! Here are 5 different monthly layout ideas, but keeping the bottom-line (a birds-eye view) same as the traditional one.

Number 1

The Calendar : With a simple twist the calendar page gets divided into two parts - the reminders and tasks. Separating reminders from tasks into two different columns make it easy to visually distinguish them.

The Tasks : Writing all tasks together can be a bit overwhelming at times. Also it becomes harder to find tasks while making the daily plans. So the best way is to categorize them. Here they are categorized as personal, work, expense and notesYou can definitely categorize the tasks as per your requirements. I call this division format a 'Divide and rule' layout.


Number 2

The Calendar : Here the month gets divided in 15-days parts on two-page spread. If you have smaller size bullet journal like mine (A5 size and smaller) which cannot hold all days of months on one page then this layout is for you.

The Tasks : Like previous monthly layout the tasks are divided as home, work, self and expenses and spreads along both pages. Again the choice for categories is all yours!


Number 3

The Calendar : Here is another 'Divide and rule' format calendar. This time its weekly divisions on two-page spread. Now this may vary depending on the number of weeks in that month.

The Tasks : Here I have broadly divided tasks into personal and work. More information like projects to make this month and the upcoming section to note down next month's points are add-ons. And a accomplishments space to write or draw your current month's happy happenings!

This will not only give you an overview of month but also helps to recall and cherish some of your happy moments from the month.


Number 4

The Calendar : Similar to the first layout, calendar is divided into reminders and scheduled tasks. Remember the 'Divide and rule' layout!

The Tasks : Most of us tend to have a habit tracker for each month. So won't it be better idea to add it to the monthly layout itself! So along with keeping track of monthly tasks you can also have a monthly tracker. Now you don't need to make another monthly page for tracking habits. The to-do list holds task for the month together.


Number 5

The Calendar : This time I just shifted the dates in middle of the page with monthly habit tracker on left side and reminders on right side. The partition made by dates visually separates the tracking system from monthly log.

The Tasks : In tasks section you can either write scheduled tasks or all monthly tasks together. If you like tracking expenses on weekly as well as monthly basis then this can be a good idea for you. Enter the expenses into respective week and finally on last day of month calculate its total.

This will not only help in maintaining monthly tasks but also track habits and expenses in one single layout. A complete overview of month!


Feeling inspired to work on your bullet journal? Then pick up your journal and pen and get going! You can mix and match the above ideas and come up with your own depending on your needs. Or meanwhile you can go through other bullet journal ideas and come over again to find more monthly layout ideas next week. And yes, remember to keep the main point of birds-eye view in mind whenever you want to make your own calendar.

So did you find your monthly layout idea? Tell me in comments below and don't forget to post your current monthly layout photo and comment on my Facebook page!

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  1. Beautifully done ... great ideas!

  2. Can't wait for June to play with #5!

    1. Hey Frank, let me know how it turned out!! Or you can share your June layout photo on my Facebook page too!

  3. Great ideas Shweta -and I like the touch of colour you use in your photos!

  4. Great idea! I hope I can try it soon!

    1. Thank you Jolie! May be you can try them for upcoming months!