May 2016 marks completion of one year for My Indian Version. It was 20th May 2015 when My Indian Version's first post went live. And all the research, planning and work already started in first week of May. It all seems like yesterday!


My Indian Version (MIV) is my creative energy ventilation. This has now become my best friend. A friend who happily shares my passion for arts, crafts, organization and planning with whole world. (You can frequently find me talking to my blog as if it a person sharing all my creative stuff!)

"Sharing doubles the Joy and halves the Pain." 

This is completely true for blogging. Blogging is all about sharing. It allows bringing you and your creations in front of virtual world of real people! People from different country, speaking different language, from different spheres of life, read your posts and get connected. Blog has the power to connect people from different walks of life without thinking of any boundaries.

It is like creating a small world where just one LIKE starts the relation. Tough it is virtual relation it matters for every blogger out there. Blogging has given us chance to ignore the wall of partition and share whatever we have. Indeed sharing is said to be basic nature of human being. Right?! :)


Thinking about past one year I still remember my first post, first comment, first share on Google+, first pin on Pinterest, first like on Facebook, first follower on all MIV's social media accounts, first 50's 100's 150's 200's... followers on Pinterest. It feels pride to see all this improvement, daily. Of course all days were not same but yes MIV is moving forward bit by bit, everyday. I have even taken screenshots of highest views and recorded all of the firsts in my blog journal. It's like memory record. A memory which happened only once for first time!

Encouragement is very important when you start anything new. And getting it from family through their love and support is indeed invaluable. I am lucky to have constant support from my family. MIV would not have been happily established now without their support and love. Thank you everyone!

Another way of encouragement is appreciation from your readers. It feels good when readers take time out to send me an appreciation email. It feels satisfied and gets a sense of recognition between the oceans of blogs. This small action of appreciation builds a relation of friendship and trust between blogger and her/ his readers.


This new year of My Indian Version will be full of fun and changes. You will find all new MIV coming soon. Lots of thoughtful organizational strategies, tips and hacks are expected. And of course, the heart of MIV its creative DIY will be more interesting this time. There will be more talking about Bullet Journal and I will bring more interesting planning stuff too!

So get yourself connected with me and witness all new ride of My Indian Version blog in its second year.

Thank you to all my readers for such great response throughout the year. Continue to shower your love over MIV (and me too!). And a special thanks to all those lovely bloggers who have helped me through their blogs to improve MIV and me tremendously.

I am lucky to do what I want to along with what I should do. Thank you all!!

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  1. Happy Birthday..... So glad I found your Blog and could begin getting tips on Bullet Journals, Time Management is becoming a challenge for me. I seem to be goofing off way more than I should be, and I feel a Bullet Journal could help..

    I have also enjoyed the other writings of yours, so please keep doing what you are doing.

    Bill Beals

    1. Thank you, Bill for your good wishes and wonderful words!

      I know how time management is important in today's life. And BuJo is a good way to handle it. The flexibility BuJo provides is its main power, which we should take advantage of. You will surely find good way to manage your time using BuJo!

      Have nice day!!

  2. Wow, I am coming here via Indiblogger. Congratulations. Am definitely following. Such a beautiful blog!

    1. Thank you Seena! I am glad you like my blog :)
      And I'm already following you on Indiblogger!