10 Kid's Animal Art &Craft Ideas!

While browsing internet for some craft inspirations I often stumbled upon kid's crafts. There are so many fantastic creative moms out there in blogging world. And having a creative blogger mom means lots of different activities for kids every time!

So today I thought to compile some easy, fun and cost efficient kid's art and craft ideas for your kiddos. Shortlisting 10 from so many cute crafts was tough and so I decided to create themes. And today's theme is Animals - wild, farm, water and many!


NOTE : Click on the images to catch up with the tutorial.

(Photos below are all credited to the respective blog owners.)

1. Free Wildlife Safari Printable

Coloring is one of the favorite activities of kids. The free printables I selected are from Flintobox. The printable worksheet not only includes coloring pages but also some fun activities. Also very thoughtfully they have divided the printable and activity worksheet into different age groups of 2-3 years, 3-4 years, 4-8 years. (Click age group links to see their complete worksheet.)


2. DIY Angry Birds

Angry birds were instant fame. Now that there is movie on them its craze is coming back. Sharon from Crafts 'n Coffee shared super easy way to make Angry birds at home. And not only one but four of them! So if you have an angry bird fan in your child then this will be a treat for him/her!


3. Clothes Pin Animal Puppets

Creative mother's always come up with simple but interesting ideas for their kiddos. Delia came up with this easy and fun activity for her daughter. And she shares same on her blog Delia Creates. You have to just print - cut - stick! And the puppet is ready. These puppets can make story telling time more interesting!


4. DIY Finger Puppets

My favorite from the list, these adorable finger puppets are super easy to make. Follow Vicky Barone's tutorial and they are ready to play with! You can make any of your kid's favorite animals or characters. A set of puppets on the table can be a great idea to entertain kids at birthday parties.


5. 3-D Crocodile Face

Paper plates have been great helper in creating kid's crafts and here is one more. But this time with somewhat 3-D effect! Andreja shared a simple tutorial to make crocodile face from paper plate on her blog Easy, Peasy and Fun. If this becomes a hit for your kids then they will surely make more faces (animal's faces!) using their imagination!


6. Set of Farm Animals

I love Amanda's crafts. They are easy, cheap and fun. She shared these cute DIY tutorials on Crafts By Amanda blog to make farm animals in different ways. Let the kiddo make many more using their creative imagination.


7. Spiral Snake

Spiral snake is fun innovative way to make paper snakes. Kate shares free printable for it on here blog Minieco. So kids can color-and-cut or cut-and-color and enjoy their easy art!


8. Jungle Book

I am great fan of Jungle Book TV series and when I came across this craft there was no second thought about shortlisting it. Carlee from Fun Learning Life (Formerly, Frugal and Fun Mom) came up with this cool idea to make a Jungle book for each kid. I think these books can make great personalized gift for kid's Art teacher!


9. Fish Aquarium

If your kid enjoy water animals then this aquarium craft will make him very happy. Julie from Director Jewels has shared an easy way to make kid's aquarium. Also think of adding more water animals and shells to the aquarium for that extra touch!


10. Natural Island Playing Ground!

Confused?! Well why not to have a personal island where your kids can play with their newly crafted animals! Kim from The Pinterested Parent shared a wonderful way to make Natural Island for kids. I am sure kids will love it!


I had such a great time compiling this post. Kids always spread happiness around them. Though many times they are out of control! But that's how childhood should be, right?

Tell me which was your favorite animal as a child. I loved rabbits and dogs! And I still dream of having a pet dog :D

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  1. Great post,Sheweta! I'd totally like to try a few of these for summer projects! I think the grandkids would especially love making the clothespin animals! (Actually, they look super fun to make to me too!) 🙄

    1. Thanks Nancy!! These ideas are so fun. You too should try them with your grandchildren :)