How To DIY Ombre Bulletin Board

While setting up my creative corner I was sure (and excited) to have a bulletin board in front of my table. I never had it till now. So like a child in candy store I want to make all those lovely DIY bulletin boards from Pinterest.

Controlling all the feelings of excitement I decided to test how much I need a bulletin board first. The testing started using a simple piece of cork board as bulletin board and this longed for a month. This short test helped me to realize what actually I like (and need) to see in front of me while working and writing. And then emerged an idea of simple(st) and minimalist bulletin board!


Now that I know how much and what will go on my bulletin board I decided on this minimal rectangle cork strip boards. And if you are also a minimalist like me then you will love to make this one.

Here is what you will need :

  1. Cork sheet/ board
  2. Marker
  3. Cutter
  4. Colors (I used Acrylic colors)
  5. Paint brush
  6. Blu Tack (Anything to fix cork board on wall)


Process :

1. Measure 1" - 2" width on cork board and cut two strips from it. My cork strip measures 12" by 1". You can change the measurements according to your space and need.

2. Color the strips in ombre effect. Spray paints work beautifully on cork projects. If you don't know how to paint in ombre style then go to end of post to find two simple ways to do it.


3. To give an extra dimension to the board I also painted the edges of cork board. I used bright pink for a contrast with yellow. Let the colors dry completely.

4. Once colors dry turn it over and stick Blu-Tack as shown in the picture below. And attach the bulletin board strips on the wall  as desired.


Hey your are done! Surprised to complete the project so fast! I know, that happens sometimes ;)



These smiley pins you see on the board are actually earring studs!! I bought six pairs of them for Rs.20 from Mumbai's local train. I was in search of something cute and colorful as pins unlike the standard and boring board pins. So while travelling in local train I saw these earring and decided to use them as bulletin board pins!

I completely love them.


Way 1:

  • Paint the complete strip yellow (here the color of your choice).
  • While the yellow color is still wet gradually start adding little white 2" after the starting point.
  • Blend the two colors properly in short strokes.
  • In the middle of strip take more white color and blend it. Again using short strokes. Remember middle part should be lighter than the first blend.
  • Take little more white color and start painting strokes from end to middle part.
  • Again blend it well. Keep on adding white till you get satisfied with the ombre effect.

Way 2:
  • Mark the middle of strip and paint first half in yellow (here the color of your choice) and second half in white.
  • Blend the middle part with short strokes. Long strokes will ruin the blending effect.
  • In first half, take little white and start painting strokes from middle to little before the start. This part should be brighter than the middle blend.
  • In second half, take little yellow color and start painting strokes from middle towards the end. This part should be lighter than the middle blend.
  • Remember to do this quickly before the color dries.

This Omber Bulletin Board DIY is a part of my home office setup. To see more of my creative corner setup and DIYs go here. The space is getting together little by little. I am enjoying the process and love to share the process with you!

I also have a special Pinterest boards for home office inspiration and workspace organization. Come over get inspired!

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