Get All Your Ribbons Organized

So, you have unorganized or poorly organized ribbons somewhere in your creative corner? You must have found several organizing ideas around the internet. But do they really serve YOUR purpose of ribbon organization?

When I decided to make one, I wanted four things from the organizer. It should be,

  1. Holder-cum-dispenser
  2. Easy to take out and easy to put in the ribbons
  3. Have enough space to rotate each ribbon for winding
  4. Movable


No matter how many ribbons you have, this organizer will help you anyway. If the sizes of your ribbons are different I suggest making different organizers for different sizes.

Here is what you will need:
  1. Empty cardboard box
  2. Some kind of stick (I'm using knitting needle)
  3. Pair of scissors
  4. Cutter
  5. Glue
  6. Binder clips
  7. Color paper



Important - 
  • The height of box should be greater than the diameter of the ribbon.
  • The stick's length should be greater that the length of the box.

1. Cut the flaps of the box and evenly level all the edges.

2. Mark a point half an inch above the middle of the box and make holes. Pass the stick through the holes to confirm the level.

During the trial, I made holes in the middle of the box. And when I added ribbons they touched the base of the box and cannot rotate as I wanted. Lesson learned - make holes at least half an inch (or one inch) above the midpoint of the box side.


3. Cover the box with paper / fabric of your choice. Also, cover the holes made in the previous stepYou can find many tutorials to help you cover the box perfectly. I referred this and this. I kept the base of the box white so the colored ribbons stand out.

4. Now, using a pin mark where the holes are. Push the stick slowly through the hole - out to in. This way the torn part will go inside, and not outside. If needed, glue the torn paper from inside.

If the holes were not made before wrapping, the paper would get damaged more. So to avoid any accidents, let the holes be pierced first.


5. If your ribbons are without the protecting sheets, then make one for each. The side protectors protect ribbon from unwinding and falling on sides.

Measure the ribbon's diameter and cut thin cards (unwanted business cards or empty cereal boxes will do) of that size. Two cards for each ribbon. I made square protectors because cutting circle takes more time :D. Glue them on the sides of the ribbon.


6. Once your ribbons and box are ready, make the final assembly. 


The organizer is ready. Now time to use it!

Clip the binder clips in front of the ribbon you want to use. Pass the ribbon through the binder clip and start using it. If you want more ribbons at a time add more binder clips!


This is super easy to use while creating projects. You can easily put in and remove the ribbons from the organizer. Also, there is no mess of winding and unwinding of the ribbon. Everything has been taken care while designing the organizer.

Toss a comment below on how you manage your ribbon collection?

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  1. This is such a useful DIY! My ribbons are always tangling .. Will make this asap!