Yarn Art - An Empty Bottle Recycle Project

I can spend hours browsing one recycling DIY topic - the wine bottle decor. There are so many ideas in this topic that range from very easy to very hard. In all these diverse ways of decorating a wine bottle, I have found a common pattern. The majority of these ideas revolve around tying something around the empty bottle. Now this can be yarn, strings, pattern papers, decorative tapes, laces, etc. You will also see the combination of, patterned papers with strings, yarn with lace, and much more. Even I had made that DIY!

This time, I thought of using yarn with the usual wrapping method, but with a twist. The outcome is very artistic and not so hard to make. Everything you see is done using yarn. Yes, the design also! Trust me, this is very easy. It is just a step forward of wrapping the yarn around the empty bottle.


So here is the easiest way to make the very interesting piece of decor. Remember one thing, this may feel messy at first but in a few minutes, you will see the magic!

Here's what you will need:
  1. Empty glass bottle
  2. Design printout*
  3. Transparent plastic sheet
  4. Yarn
  5. Glue
  6. Marker (optional)
*Choose the design that has a less complex design. Too many swirls, curves, and lines will frustrate you later. Find very simple design to start with.


Step-By-Step Process:

1. Prepare the canvas

Remove all labels. Clean the empty bottle inside out.

2. Prepare the art parts

Using binder clips hold the transparent sheet and your design printout together.

Glue the yarn on the transparent paper using the design below it, as the guide. First glue the border of each part of the design, then start filling the design. This way the shape is maintained. This step may take some time depending upon the design you choose. So be light on yourself while choosing the design ;) You can see my design have many little parts. Depending upon your design number of parts may vary. Also, it can be only one piece as whole (like a butterfly or a paisley).


Let the design dry for an hour or two. 

Trick: When you touch the yarn it should not slide. If it does, then glue is still wet. Wait for some more time.

Once completely dried, very carefully start peeling the design from the transparent plastic sheet. Be gentle and patient at this step. You might think, if I glued the yarn on the sheet how would it peel off? It will. Since the sheet is of plastic, it is easy to peel.


Set aside all the art parts. Now that we have all the art parts ready, it's time to assemble them!

3. Assemble the art parts into an artistic piece

Now glue the design you made, in the previous step, on the bottle. This time, use stronger glue so the design stays on the bottle. Kidding! The same glue will also work. Once you are happy with the placement let it dry completely. I suggest leaving it overnight.



Now wrap yarn around the neck and the base of the bottle. Add some embellishments if you like. Your artistic piece of art is ready to rock!


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Did you like the twist to traditional yarn wrapped bottle DIY? If yes, toss a comment below. I always love to hear from you :)

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