About Me

Hello hi, I'm Shweta. I'm glad that you are here reading my blog and want to know more about me.

I'm the heart and soul of My Indian Version(MIV). I started MIV in 2015 as a means to channelize my creative juices. But to my surprise now it is for me, freedom. Freedom to do what I want to, than what I should do. It gives me limitless capability to think, learn and grow.

I am a girl,
- who dreams a lot
- hardcore DIYist
- totally foody
- creative thinker, always!
- very choosy about cloths and accessories
- always finding moments to laugh
- sometimes lazy
- shy to speak
- loved by my family very much (pampared I must say).....I love them too!

As blogging gives me freedom, dancing gives me peace. Its like meditation to me.
What else I like?
- travelling
- reading (latest liking)
- trying different food all over the world
- giving and getting surprises
- enjoying with family and friends
- silent moments at seashore/ beach

I have many dreams for MIV. And I will be happy if you continue to be a part of this wonderful experience with me.

So now you know me and my little world. If you ever see me somewhere shopping or hanging around with friends and family come over and say HI. I'll love to meet you in person(someday)!

Be Creative Always...

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